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To turn all the lights at the Florida state fair, which actually you can't get in until ten o'clock this morning, but today's the first day of the Florida state fair, and it is now officially opened by governor to say at us. They had the luncheon. I think it was yesterday. And I wonder if he did this slide that'd be fun to watch. If he did. Yeah. 'cause Rick Scott never did it. And I'm remember doing it years ago. Forgot who the governor was did a with him. Many or several of us in there at that time after M C Henry plant. Wasn't quite that far. But okay, I'm sorry. Six forty five on AM Tampa Bay we go to the newsroom, and Chris drank a city official in Pinellas county is facing a fine for sexual harassment Madeira beach city Commissioner Nancy Oakley resigned yesterday after the state ethics board announced she was being fined five thousand dollars. She's accused of groping the former city manager and licking his face back in two thousand twelve in her resignation statement Oakley wrote. It was an incredibly difficult decision. But it's time to move on. A man is dead after a shooting inside a car. Tampa police say the man was shot in the head yesterday while in a car on Bush boulevard near sixteenth street. The victim was in the passenger seat and police believe the shooter was in the backseat no arrests have been announced. And there's no word automotive. Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren admits she was not sensitive to issues of tribal citizenship and sovereignty when she claimed to be a native American. She says that's why she's apologizing the Washington Post obtained a copy of her application to the Texas State bar enlisted her race as American Indian tranquil NewsRadio WFL a now. Let's check sports on the ninety five three WD sportscenter. I'm Zack blob near the Atlanta Falcons have decided to part ways with kicker Matt Brian at the age of forty three in many bugs fans already clamoring to bring back the guy that apparently started the kicking curse here in Tampa Bay on the isolating back to work against the Saint Louis blues the evening over. At Emily arena. You can hear the game on nine seventy WFL. And at the Trump as far as baseball goes the race will be hosting fan fest this Saturday over in Saint Petersburg. It's a free event. You just have to head on to their website to sign up and make sure you're allowed inside the door and two headlines from national signing day in college football. The Gators finished with the top ten class while the Knowles have their second straight recruiting class inter Willie Taggart without a high school quarterback signed on for more on these stories. Listening to Tampa Bay sports radio ninety five three w what I'll say what in the name of Jesse James, do you suppose? Laddy news every fifteen minutes top bottom fifteen.

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