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Their examination of drop dead playing this game they get so intense to it do you have the same kind of thing go back to your question Michael first of all what happens when you sit in front of that television set is your brain wave activity isn't trained in it slows down it slows into a state we call Alfa no I've testified is a expert witness on hypnosis in a court of law and I can tell you what we say about hypnosis in a scientific sense it is a heightened state of suggestibility it is earmarked by is slowed brain wave patterns how far Sadia your normal brain wave pattern is data so who you are placed into this altered state of consciousness hi to see jazz stability and now here comes the medium as C. H. the agenda and or maybe it's a commercial I've argued for a long time they sell sickness to television the goblins commended down it's going to get you but Hey look wanted because Hey KBC and then they show you relax supplying position being doted upon by some pretty lady like there's a reward to getting ill there's a disclaimer at the end you can't even hear it yes true and I didn't remember the restless legs syndrome story yeah yeah I mean Michael television is designed program as much as it is to entertain now that said that doesn't mean that you can't you know subscribe to like a YouTube TV and watch Ted talks and you know if if if I'm going to get programs if I'm going to be in this altered state this world brain wave which is the same brain wave state they use in the technology call suggests the PDF for super xcelerated learning well then why am why am I not using that to learn something to do something positive for myself most of the technologies we have today they're they're somewhat akin to a physician's scalpel you know it depends on what you use that scalpel forest whether it's good or bad well then we're gonna take a quick break pretty soon we're gonna come back and take final phone calls Eldon Taylor with us and don't forget his offer of a free MP three.

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