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Place I me McCormick's and then on instagram threes m e e McCormick and then pinewood kitchen and mercantile on instagram and then just be McCormick on facebook and a kitchen and work is and then me Tracy McCormick on facebook. I like facebook. You know what is so interesting about facebook? Don't sleep on it. I built a really big pratt form over their last two years and everybody. Kinda left facebook but can I tell you. Facebook is coming back really. Oh my gosh. She's huge because everyone is on there so all of this. I mean I've always said don't sleep on facebook because the audience there is a different may be different type of audience instagram's but they're super active right now and I. I like that because I like. The people have a place to connect. Yeah get back on the facebook game. I've kind of slacked girl. Don't let me thank you so much for doing this. It's so nice to finally talk to you. We have so many connections so it's so great that I can actually connect with you. I'm really excited. Yes I love talking to you too and I love being able to share the goodness applying list. Yes you guys check out my pinewood kitchen. It's sold everywhere online right now and get a pinewood box. Do it highly recommended. Thanks me for being here and thank you guys for listening. This is Kelly Henderson. And you've been listening to the velvets edge podcast. I truly believe that every one of us has a little velvet and a little edge so it's so important to remember that to be strong. You must be soft to thank you so much for.

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