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Taco polo like has been brought in come on. Pretty good. You're laughing being stupid because you know, carries looking at you while I was trying to compete with way better. Oh, oh, whatever. Paco paco. Teke dhakal. I I couldn't do it. Like, the Polack could not do the polo version. So what is this story? Please about Felicity Huffman. Is it Huffman, and and Lori Laughlin who by the way was what the aunt. In full house and Becky. But Becky, so John stamos was the father or the other guy was the father who's the father? America's funniest videos guy. So stabilised was yong-chol. Right. And was he with and becky's Becky? Bearing on the on the show and then what's his face a kid whose name either now? And it's it's like one of those names. I see. I'm looking right at him. Dave cool. Yay. And that's. Exactly. Right. Bob, saggy. That's right. So now, she's in trouble, Felicity Huffman was something else. She was not on full house, but Lori Laughlin doozy. Laughlin Laughlin Lachlan, but she was on desperate housewives. Okay. Right. And it turns out. To get there. I mean, do we have the actual story to get their children? Into college or something they were paying like hundreds of thousands of dollars. Is that what I'm hearing? Right. I mean, I can I can send it his throwing if you want to give the story. Let's let's outlining entire thing. I think same just did go ahead. I mean. If the collagen into the college that you wanted to get into anyway. Maybe they weren't meant to go to college. I don't know could be me. Is that what happened here? This one. Oh, that's I've got several mice just sitting here. Don't worry. We're good people. We got backup plans after backup plans kidding me. Do. Nick. All right. Because again, I'm little bit confused when I saw their names like, wow, these alleged criminals have similar names to like actresses that are famous. Well, no, it's them. It's actually them which is very interesting to me, Felicity have been arrested Lori Laughlin or Laughlin charge in alleged college admission scam. A judge set on Tuesday. That'd be today that actress Felicity been released on two hundred fifty thousand dollars bond an alleged college admissions bribery scam. Fox News can confirm. The news comes hours after it was revealed that husband and fellow Hollywood actress, Lori Loughlin lunacy Laughlin was among the boldface names in a veritable who's who of rich and powerful charged in an alleged college admissions bribery scam. Federal authorities have also charged college coaches and others in sweeping admissions bribery case, according to the Associated Press at least thirteen people, including Laughlin husband, famed fashion designer Massimo Gianola, I guess were arrested Tuesday morning this morning and expected to make their first court appearance later in the day. A rep for fuller house star Laughlin was your show right now called fuller house on Netflix. Shut your face. So she's on a show is that the same people and the kids they're the main people and and DJ Tanner, she got married to somebody in her last name became fuller. So that's how they can. Oh, come on there. Yeah. Do. Yeah. Okay. Who's reportedly been filming a movie in Vancouver told Fox News. She had no information on the case at this time. A rep for Huffman who's a who. US attorney Andrew leading Senator press conference had been arrested by federal agents did not return multiple requests for comment and attorney for generally did not immediately respond to FOX's request for comment. The racketeering conspiracy charges were unsealed Tuesday. And they include charges against coaches at the schools such as Wake Forest university Georgetown and the university of southern California. Investigators said the coaches accepted bribes in exchange for admitting students as athletes, regardless of their ability. Well, her daughter looks just like or did you see this picture? Yeah. Holy crap. Lori Loughlin and daughter Olivia JJ newly where it's women's cancer research fund event in Beverly Hills on about a year ago. Wow. Which is later. Authorities said parents would pay a predetermined amount to college entrance consultant, William Rick singer. Who would then give the funds to the coaches SAT or ACT administrators the alleged fund amounts ranged from several thousand dollars to six million documents allege that Laughlin and her husband generally agreed to pay bribes totally five hundred thousand dollars in exchange for having their two daughters designated as recruits to the USC crew team, despite the fact, they didn't participate in crew there five thereby facilitating their admission to USC officials claimed to have obtained emails from Laughlin supporting their case. You're looking at the picture of the family do. Yeah. The one daughter look just like her Laughlin daughter YouTube sensation, Olivia Jada tends USC. It is not immediately clear of Laughlin other daughter Isabella attempts the university authorities claimed that Huffman into her husband William H Macy. Who's of course, it was it was shameful or shame. Shame with the cold. He was also famously in Fargo Fargo a brainer day, a Brainard. Just made it reported charitable contribution of fifteen thousand dollars to participate in the college entrance exam cheating scheme on behalf of their eldest daughter, helping later made a Rangers to pursue the scheme a second time for her younger daughter before deciding not to do so Huffman and Macy's daughter reportedly had twice the normal amount of time to take the SAT and her Proctor was paid to correct her answers after she completed the test. That's a problem, isn't it? That could be an issue. Yeah. They say that she scored a four twenty which is approximately four hundred points over her PSAT. No. I mean, if your SAT F O's editor at sixteen hundred four twenty not very good fourteen twenty fourteen twenty. Over her PSAT's. I guess. Yeah. She a lot smarter between the two tests. Yeah. It's all very simple. So the life the lives in times of the rich and famous authors. I can I don't know what the politics are of Huffman, nor Laughlin, I don't know. Don't care not asking didn't know that Lori Lafon had a daughter, that's some internet sensation. That's how you know up with the times. I am did no had no clue. But when you're when you're living a privileged life. And they are when you're living a life that is really bearing fruits of, you know, hard labor, you work hard to become an actress or an actor. That's that's noticed that's making a living. There are a lot of actors and actresses that are po- that I'm making any money any money at all so good on them for being successful. But when your that successful, he keeps you hire. All the tutors you on higher. Can't you get all the extra help you need to get for your kid to do better than her grades? I mean, why would you buy their way into a half a million dollars? So your kid could go to a college where she's clearly gonna fail because look at it this way. Listen, I'm gonna sit back for a second. If you want your kid to go, let's say Harvard or USC or whatever the hell with school is. And your kid has not made the grades to get into that school. And she hasn't. She doesn't have the the the GPA nor has she passed the tests with a number. You know, the final grade that's good enough to get her into that college. Why would you send her there just to fail? You've spent a half a million dollars to send her to a school. She's qualified to go to palm. I talk to my rear end here. Or even does that make any sense what you send somebody to that college? Not going to be any easier because you're paid five hundred thousand dollars. They just got rid right? And and not only that. But I mean, unless I'm not saying this correctly. There were some parts of the article that I had seen are different article where Laurie laflin daughter didn't you wanna go to school. And I think she was. You're thousand dollars you're going. Yeah. And and I mean, of course, everybody's attacking them right now and making fun of them saying, you know, with all that money, you could have gotten some tutors, you know, to to actually teach them and get them into school the right way. This is crazy. I mean, I I don't I honestly don't get it. Yeah. I really don't. And again, I understand that you want the. I guess the prosperity the feeling of prosperity or the feeling of people looking at you and say, wow, that's amazing. She got into the school or that school. You know, it's just this sort of you wanna feel a certain way in your circle of friends, whatever. But man, half a million dollars, and again is their money. Whatever you want as long as it's legal. If it turns out, this is illegal. They're going to go to prison these two big trouble. But man, I just not even not even tutors. I mean, set your daughter up with, you know, something that would give her a career with that five hundred thousand dollars help her be an entrepreneur. I don't understand why you need the notoriety of sending or the the the the fame the. What's the word? I'm looking for your the sway the something the status of your kid going to a certain college. It's never made any sense to me. The your kid goes to a junior, college and gets all A's and gets a career. Now, proud of you, you send your kid to Harvard, and she fails that you're gonna pay a half a million dollars or something that is not as impressive to me. But maybe a missing it. Yeah. Pay half a million dollars or send you somewhere. Well, apparently. But I don't think that necessarily it was about sending her to a good school to learn a lot, but maybe to make the connections to expand her acting career or whatever career she's in because if you're going to that school, you're pretty much made of money unless you're just a genius. So they could just be about making those connections. Why not do it the legal way? Why would you pay off a coach to say that she rose? She's in cruet sense. We're going to say. Police say when you're asking us for is you know, if they're going to get charged or anything like that. I mean, one of the things that are saying is that they both got a I guess warrants, and it says it's for a conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest services Mel fried. So well. It sounds kind of serious. That's to me. That's crazy crazy. And another thing I saw that. I think that the guy that they're paying the stuff to at least. I think Felicity Huffman was I think he had told her that she could write it off on her taxes. So I'm assuming when you go, and you do that along with the other stuff that's just giving. This this stuff is true. These people are like facing but prison time, I mean, this is a big deal. Yeah. And it's big money. We're talking about what her bail was two hundred and fifty thousand dollars and jesse's bullets bail was only a hundred thousand you know, your trouble. Yeah. Yup. All right. It's editor eight nine four one packs editing nine four one seven two four seven. You've got everything going for you..

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