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Hearts up to two one Cahoon from Costa Senate caves at eleven twenty four the second period of the winter classic to one in favor of the hawks as we rejoin the play Berge around the right corner hawk zone. Spot up behind the net Marchand directs it out to the left point along wrist shot from there from Miller is kicked out of there by ward. And here are the hawks on the attack on the Brown line. Up off the glass off of rask's, stick the right wing corner. Sikora takes the puck you backhands it behind the net brackets there to finish up the slot. Seabrook to secure a high slot turned fired sparked by Berge, Ron. Bras, come out of there into center ice at the hawk blue line. The puck taken by Marsh near the end of his ship backhand down the right boards in behind the hawk net. Worth stopping at there. For four sleep quick pass hits at center ice donation off over the line distraught, right point, two km, right freedom Seabrook's right away. Down with a butterfly save whose puck in behind the net. Anisimov Scott, here's an ISA Mafa around the left wing boards leaves the puck in the corner for Strom tried to pass it in front. That's picked off by Carlo. The Bruins he'll flip the puck through the air over everybody's heading down into the far corner. Bruins Seabrook back together shot up to the hawk line too. Strong to Anisimov over the Bruin line near the right point lost the handle on the puck. The Bruins get it. And then Wagner in front of the benches coughed up the puck tastes took the puck hit from behind. Excuse me. Strobe got the puck and hit from behind by Wagner's. He tried to get to the bench and now strong to the loose puck inside the Bruins zone. We get a whistle for us. It's called against the hawks. It's to one in favor of the hawks was seven minutes left in period. Number two here at Notre Dame stadium in the winter classic..

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