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New York City, Business Owner, Marla Diamond discussed on Vickie Allen and Levon Putney


Says business owners need help and guidance as New York City prepares to re open let's get the story with rich lamb the mayor says New York City government is putting out free playing language materials to aid businesses to navigate that June eighth three opening or putting out industry guides with real common sense practical information about how you restart we have with body launching this coming week a hotline so any business owner can talk through specific situations get guidance understand what's the right thing to do what's the wrong thing to do and how to make things work and the mayor says it doesn't stop there the city will also have a worker's hotline for suggestions and complaints and in addition we are training a group of small business advocates and compliance units to go out and work with the business is not we're not trying to penalize we're trying to educate to help them get started the right way makes sense of a whole set of rules and the mayor says city government will also provide free face coverings to any business that asks and has two million of them on hand to give away and in some cases will even deliver them if requested rich lam WCBS newsradio eight eight this city is sending out an army of employees to help new Yorkers social distance at parks and beaches the CBS reporter Marla diamond has the latest hoping to avoid confrontations with the police the city has built a team of twenty three hundred social distancing ambassadors drawing on employees of the parks fire buildings and correction US department city parks commissioner Mitchell silver says their primary mission is education if there's a large crowd our social disadvantage will call their supervisor and they will make a determination if we have to call a par supports virtual or NYPD abyss of very large crowd ambassadors also hand out free masks we're encouraging people to wear them or educating them but will not issue a violation somebody's not wearing the face covering silver does encourage those exercising in city parks to wear covering they can pull down around their neck to take the occasional deep breath Marla diamond WCBS newsradio eight eighty W. CBS news time is.

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