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Bulletproof brain octane oil baked good yes oh fast his it because as dr king shanahan pointed out that with things like coconut oil its we don't bake for long enough at high enough temperature that pryor aren't that's right oh interesting okay so i will definitely you that i will you didn't have the brain attain oil could you just use coconut oil yes yes okay then you get a real strong coconut tastes like my doughnuts i do that with okay i use coconut oil but i've started kenneth cutting back a little bit on the koken an island off being though use of butter okay so if you're doing you can use butter and brownies is usually a lawyer radim vrbata and here they're recipe called for four cups of powdered sugar for the icing yeah i use the swerve yeah yeah actioner sugar okay is what i were of has the confectioners brand which wet has just lights a swerve confection what was it like courts powdered sugar no it's just i don't know what they do but it's just powdered swerve every three tall is what that is okay i do that and then you do the bad thing but like crosby use this recipe for those cupcakes i made the other week okay where are you do some key and maybe in the well protein yeah okay because if he gives a nice thick texture and you can a cool that okay a little bit of whole milkers so they to whole milk that do or if can't get da to milk use like a pasture nor ganic pastureraised and you let there cool in the plastic bag in the fridge and you cut the corner of the plastic bags efforst squirting is obviously the put mogae has the lies the right gotta make a little white frosting that's right so i can make this totally organic brownies the i knew it.

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