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Get ready. They ramped up communications outreach and organizing to get members to stick with the union compost met with fellow workers in the weeks that followed touting union. Wages and benefits and protections against being fired without just cause, which is what happens every day in the private sector and one of the most fundamental, right. I believe of a union contract. The people passing around opt out of your union cards that day were from the freedom foundation, a nonprofit free market advocacy group based in Olympia Washington. It's one of several conservative right to work organizations, nationwide campaigning to decrease union membership and political clout after Janice. So we sent this around about one hundred and eighty thousand public employees in Washington Lieber policy director. Max Nelson says, the group has a three to four million dollar budget, and it's higher dozens of campaign workers to do mailings, social media outreach and door to door visits with public employees. On the west coast. He says, reaching them is crucial because their unions have the financial interest in making sure that people don't know about and don't exercise the right to stop paying union dues. Here's a promotional video. Distributing. My name is Kate. I've been a teacher for eighteen years. They took my money and spent it on causes an agenda. I don't agree with it's a pitch to workers pocket books. You can quit your union. Keep your dues and still get union benefits for free. Ben rast is a Washington state safety inspector and freedom foundation supporter until the Janice decision about fifty dollars went from his paycheck every month to the state employees union, even though he never joined, they do provide a service collective bargaining, and I'm sure they have been responsible for a good portion of the pay and benefits I now receive. Ultimately, it's not a matter of the money. It all comes down to first amendment rights. Max Nelson says, the freedom foundation's outreach effort is at maximum capacity right now, but leeann coons e with the thirty thousand member, Washington federation of state employees says the campaigns had little effect so far. Alternately, we know. Their goal to wanting to defunding and defame the labor movement. But we have made internal and external organizing the number one priority since the spring couldn't see, says reunions lost nearly a thousand members while seven hundred seventy workers have joined up Sarah compasses union in Oregon. Meanwhile is up on that new members outnumber quitters by three to two. We'll have to wait until the Labor Department's report on union membership next year to find out how public sector unions nationwide have fared in the wake of Janice. I'm Mitchell Hartman for marketplace. This final note on the way out today in which look, I'm just going to apologize in advance for my fellow males. All of us Bloomberg asked the market research company to go back through corporate earnings calls, nineteen years worth. One hundred fifty. Five thousand calls were companies report profits and losses to see who talked more on those calls. Men or women. Men done ninety two percent of the conversations in questions were from men. Now that could be because there are just more men in that slice of the economy could be, but it isn't to quote the CEO of the company that did the research male executives provide significantly more verbose answers to analysts questions than their female counterparts. And one could surmise that male executives are more prone to speaking simply to hear themselves speak. So like I said, sorry, really, what I should do is just not that anything. You're right. Just be quiet, just let it end with the music, but I won't. Now down does of one forty, seven and a half percent. NASDAQ gained fifty nine, seven tenths percent s. and p. five hundred fifteen points about a half percent. John Buckley eve Epstein Stephen, Gregory John Gordon and Betsy Streisand in the marketplace. Editing staff managing editor is deputy. I'm KAI Ryssdal we will see you tomorrow. Everybody. This is APN.

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