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This doesn't have to be something you do for a season and then cancel you can have real successor and the wire is a show. That's often remembered as a show that wasn't as acclaimed. It was acclaimed. Now pilots should have been. There's a great bidden parks and rec when they go to the alternate history museum. And it's the wires sweeps the emmys again fifth straight year winning best drama right. That's a show where. I feel like the sopranos just because i feel like the subject matter like the gangster films are just so iconic and like in our just in our culture as american movie audiences like it was such an easier transition than this like a gritty the world that the wire portrays and i think that once the binging probably around like the early two thousand ten's like when that became a thing where people were always trying to find the new show is new. Show what an actual gotta watch and you start looking backwards and like. Oh yeah the wire like this is has all these great reviews and i've heard how good it is not maybe i'll check this out now and i feel like shrieking gave that show like just that extra life that we've seen with so many other shows definitely well before streaming you had the buy box sets the watch box of the wire but in his character in the worthy of it. But yeah new watcher. You're not going to do you talked about how you know you need to the time. The wire was ahead of its time. It was his characters the same kind of really captures what the show was just through one character so many layers in the ability for him to to portrayal those different layers of omar. That's why became so iconic. Because even though he was this very dangerous and intimidating hitman. He had a sensitive side. He had his boyfriend. He had the people that he would confide in his mother He had his own set of of of codes rules that he would abide by so he was very complex. Stick up man. I don't think there's an actor alive that could have played. Omar little better than michael kenneth williams and to the not to the detriment of his career. But you know. He was frustrated by being typecast by only being associate not only but being associated so much with that character. But that's what happens when you're genius right so well right when you when you have an opportunity to really show off and everybody just can't get enough of it. Yeah it's such like from. Obviously i never met him but like just from interviews and interactions with like and the way people talk about him he just seems like a generally good person and someone who deeply cared about his work. Yes i didn't know. The social media presence was like how much she was going to have an impact on everyone posting about this guy. You don't realize how yeah. How many people that. He's made an impact talk about like fat. Joe video up of those like iconic roles konic shows like you don't really might not realize it like when you think walk empire you might think yeah that's Steve but like you realize like oh like some of your other like he's just no matter..

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