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Hada put into effect a ban on people with mental illnesses people who don't have control of their own finances people who like another category that i can't remember he basically those people could not by had to go on a database and they could not by a gun is a begun look let me tell you i sported 1000 percent in anyone who doesn't is comments i mean elon that you know and so so donny pulled back the vat database not fair and the idea that by guns just because they're at other gundappa toward an andone gaza theory very good misued by a gun you're mentally unstable with an ax to grind a lotta people are saying as they think again what are the greatest simpson's jokes every in a homer goes to buy a gun if you remember this and the gun guy the gunstore guys says well you know there's a threeday waiting period and who misses three days but an angry now yeah exactly well so we roll that back about a year ago i think and so here we are i also like to remind people of the full second amendment which was a wellregulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed so it's that first half of the second amendment the gets routinely just forgotten region was go there but you don't want these people to actually form will militias rioters about is not of could moves for the handover selective rhode island's heart when they need it where there was some militia forman you know what i mean to keep shit under control because government didn't have the same kind of infrastructure and reach that it does now which is why the second amendment is ridiculous lille as as a gun nut selfie.

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