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Popularity that he ended up but he was selection there but him shot a winning but grade he's a good example of what i'm talking about how he is an independent but he ran as a democrat now the reason he ran as a democrat is because 'cause like i said we don't have viable third and fourth and fifth party options but if you have somebody who's platform and politics you know gels enough with one of the two major establishment parties they can still run i mean again trump is a good example of this well you think though of london thirdparty candidates bins been rather similar platforms to either the republican or the democratic candidate that was also a running now bernie sanders would really have a different message but none of the establishment republicans wanted trump either so you had two candidates bernie sanders and trump running as traditional republicans and democrats but really they were anything but and i think that's what the american people once more of you look at what happened in virginia i already told you folks that such as those arches victories for democrats in virginia it's it's extreme victories you know it's voting it's it's a vote for the transgender community it's a vote for four guncontrol it's a vote for democratic socialists like this marine what's his name again lee carter he picked up a seat in the state legislature that's not just voting for any old democrat that's an extremely hard turn left is what that is and that's not that surprising with what we're seeing from the ball on the heels votes i don't think was at all being there they are not antisocialist at all i don't think it i don't think it's surprising at all let's go to kenny kenny your thoughts on all of this.

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