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Three seven three three an interesting show tonight. We've got some great stories to cover but that doesn't mean we're going to spend the whole time covering or stories. That's kind of silly. This show uh-huh is about open phone lines which means you can call in with any topic you like and we'd love to discuss it with you now. Please remember we are on a bunch of radio. Stations and radio stations. Get really angry area. We throw out the curse words and stuff like that so keep it clean but we'd love to engage in a conversation with you and by we I mean myself Chris <hes> Ian and nobody nobody the artist formerly emily known as rich Paul. It's true it is but one thing is just not gonna fly. Apparently in a Minnesota City Council meeting in that is the threat of my God listen to this. They want to do away with the pledge of allegiance now he mean Nice. I mean this is this is I mean George. Washington used to begin meetings with a pledge. I'm pretty sure wrong. The pledge was developed during the Cold War by a guy named Bellamy who was a socialist and the Cold War going on late eighteen hundreds a little earlier than that but not much actual back that far yeah late eighteen hundreds oh no dear was during the Cold War. They added the words under God right yeah. That's what it was. You're right it does go back further because my parents do the pledge but are answers and they did and when they did the edge did they properly did the correct they had all the students do the Bellamy we salute right now which was also the Romans which was also the Nazi salute so if you go out and Google say eighteen or nineteen twenties children pledge of allegiance agents salute you'll see a bunch of American children raising their hands saying. It looks like they're saying hi and that is that's the Bellamy salute to describe it F._D._r.. Our was actually a big fan of socialism in general as an economic arrangement now he wasn't fond of the of the <hes> of fat of the other fascist states but <hes> had you know his new deal was basically fascism. It was big labor big government and big business hammering out what was going to happen to the rest of us and <hes> the the moves towards progressivism the moves toward socialism really did began in the eighteen eighties eighteen ninety s you know it was the extension of the Progressive Movement and you know you've got <hes> famous leaders like Woodrow Wilson now very progressive aggressive <hes> Teddy Roosevelt wait what I couldn't have been right when I said that I just said a Republican and talked about progressivism. I am correct Teddy Roosevelt even after he didn't get the nomination nation he started the Progressive Party. A Progressive Party knows the Bull Moose Party. <hes> this was a progressive we would not have the modern movement had it not been for Republicans and Democrats and it's a it's a hard pill to swallow. I know people get a little upset when they hear that yes Teddy Roosevelt now big time. What Year did Teddy Roosevelt leave office? I want to say an nineteen o eight but I'm probably probably wrong on that. Okay so we'RE GONNA would've would've been directly before Woodrow Wilson think there. I think <hes> we had somebody else in there but my mind is foggy. I'M GONNA explain folks why my mind is foggy apparently alley somewhere in my travels I encountered a tick ticks. Carry this wonderful disease. I love it key lime pie disease only some ticks off some some ticks. I had to find the very special tick the just in that one that had this disease so apparently I've been diagnosed with lyme disease and it's messing with my vision and it's messing with my balance and you said you had nine out of ten nine out of ten symptoms. Yes less on the physical side more on on the <hes> mental. Are you trying to collect the whole set collectible okay. It's been interesting. I've had some noticeable difficulty with focus vision and then my you know it. It just becomes very difficult to get through the day at work and you know when I went in yesterday.

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