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Let me see right. Collie I love hearing that three times. A day was a funnier. The I read it once because you did then I H in there. Yeah anyway so he He decides he needs to start. He's has these big plans for for an experiment. He's going to start self-funding because he's got he's got a killer like a killer invention on his hands and this invention he calls the CPU the cerebral processing unit. Okay basically what did he was is an acronym that is us but I I like these of cerebral. Just switch a little bit because brain cerebral. You're not a neuroscientist. You wouldn't understand honestly. I thought you're talking about The X. Men mutant hunting device. Always it is Bros rebrand. Now I mean it's it's boring. He lowering he says No. I mean my my things board saying he lures people into his lab specifically undergraduates. You know that you. Lauren would like a free ten dollar gift card to subway if you come participate in my social psych study lures. The men straps them all up to a machine that basically creates a giant Like neurological circuit of their minds. Links them altogether as a single mind. And then via an answerable transmits that late what we are answerable It's like faster than light communication thing. It's like a psycho it's a Saifi Khan step you understand. I enters enders game sequels. Use it it's like a theoretical basically meeting that he can he cards deck. Yeah Yeah Oh yeah. Ooh Pretty Funny The the basically what he's doing he's he's hooking up the more brains. He hooks up to this machine. The higher computing power and he is using human brain as you know like as processing power to boost his own. Mind to hyper speeds of both. I mean it's kind of like he can Become like Sherlock Holmes and the Robert Downey junior movies where everything just slows down. Oh can just re ask the Jay's though so that the bad sherlock oh I love. I love those two movies. What I'll I'm you already Jay Shirl. I think I've seen each of those like three or four times. I like those movies a lot. Have you seen? Have you seen The Sherlock BBC series. I do not like that series that series. It's pretty lame man. Oh my goodness it's okay. There's there's an occasional good episode of that show but good APP off. This is this is all we have nothing in common. Those movies are so fun Okay anyway he basically like the more people hooks up. He's just creating a you know a a an what's the word auxiliary brain for himself. That can be more powerful than like anyone brain could handle and with this. He goes and commits crimes. Because I'm rob banks but because he can like absolutely predict what everyone you know he. He can hold an enormous bank hostage because he can keep an eye on every single person in the bank and like so. He's a genius but he's he's physically holding up banks. Yeah yeah because like I mean there's processing power allows him like to view things as if they're moving in slow motion. He can calculate everything that's happening so he can you know? Keep an eye on everybody. You know observe everything way way better than A normal human mind and he calls himself the Synoptic Scoundrel the Sanath game name all right questionable brain logic and use no real name okay. Oh you know where he got the inspiration for this in dungeons and dragons. There's a monster off the brain rat. I think something like that What are they going to grads? Does it crawl into your your like the Star Trek Worms. No It it's a rat that like is kind of a HIVE. Mind in the the more of them that get together they smarter. They are so like when you're fighting them in a DND GAME. If you fight like five of them they start using tactics. If you fight fifteen they start casting spells and then when you see thousands of them they're basically like you know a big unified hive. Mind Sam. That's a cool concept. Stole that Tyler? Cola next a WHO do you. We have a character to create four one. Dave Coleman. This is a new character. Any marvelous. Your shirt universite. In junior high there was a friend of his sitting next to him. Made a joke about the very cute teacher that they were both in class of he said you know. I bet you know either of US would like to be smooching that teacher and Dave Coleman said I wish man and after saying that he woke up to find himself planting a big wet smooch on one the teacher under mistletoe at a holiday party okay thing is. It was two weeks before Christmas when he was talking to his friend He wakes up here in Hebrew remembered. None of how we got here. It's two weeks later. He smooching a teacher under the mistletoe. And he doesn't know how we got here right. Okay this happens. And he's like well that's like I'm not drinking of not doing drugs. Super straight edge really loved minor threat. And I don't know what happened to get me to this point so he's like art. I gotTa test out how I got here. So he's kind of like he's talking to his friends again. He's talking about the teachers and he's like maybe something happened. Like maybe like the school. Put this curse on me because I was. You know being a porn young teen and died. What happens again is one of his friend says. Can it be summer yet? And Dave against says I wish man Bam. It's summer okay. Three months later. He lost all the time. He has no idea what happened. It's not like everyone around him. Experienced the same thing. It's only him. Everyone else went on with their lives. Everything happened like it should. And he's just now in summertime so he's like this is dope. I just say the words I wish man and whatever I want will happen. So he's using his powers abusing to here and there but he he's having these little time jumps every time so he's trying to be cognizant of that but one time his friend next to him says about you know one of the girls in their high school. I'd like to marry her. And Dave see says I wish man Bam wedding. He's thirty five years old. He lost one hundred years of his life. I recall to every. Yeah totally right. And it's like the world has gone by. He's still the mind of a fifteen year old And he's a he decides at this point that he's gotta use this power one more carefully to for some good in the world because all it's done so far get him. Some hot. Smooch is under the mistletoe Somehow weather in summer and a really hot wedding I mean I'm still hung up by. He kissed I mean is this feels like a Like a John Burden story like the the implications I mean. How much older is this teacher? Dave older older enough to know better. I'm scolding her to inappropriate man. Yeah okay so so at thirty five. He is now deciding. He's going to use these powers a for the benefit of mankind in. He is now the Irishman. Oh my God just go to hell one of us. Oh that's that's I I actually really like until you tell me the name and now it's the worst thing I've ever heard. I think I'm best. What do this is He's basically has the power of wait. Wait wait no no wait mates a pill the prescription drug you can take you take one pill for every day that you want to pacify so like saying that. It's Monday new lifetime achievement awards on Saturday celebrating your career. Take five wait mates. You wake up Saturday. I've never heard of this. Sounds very healthy. Very normal ridiculous Okay I'M GONNA do more MacGill's next okay. Wait I had more Miguel now. What are you John? John took no I did not. I took more McGill. How well does yours translate to John? Ditto because mine is a little more all right. I guess we need to hold off on John Ditto. I think he's not in the twitch right now. More MacGill's GonNa get to care. I mean I don't think either of these translate to someone besides more Miguel. Ninety nine doesn't Super McGill specific. All RIGHT WE'LL CIRCLE BACK TO JOHN DUTY ON HANG on you. You do yours all decide if minds to specific okay okay. So more McGill character since we don't actually know what we're meals basically the only person in the whole slack who I like have genuinely no idea what their actual first name like. Other people use handles but I you know I see their email address or something or when they back on patriotic but nope morbidly anonymous online the frankly just a good measure to take. Yeah okay. So he His character's name is Ricky Spencer. He's just like kind of an average guy now like he went graduated. High School he Four years a community college has a hard time. You know finding a finding a good job but it gets by okay. Yeah pretty uneventful life working odd jobs here and there but I mean the only thing about ricky is that occasionally I mean he kind of inexplicably gets in these passionate romances with people over the course of his twenties and thirties. He has a series of these affairs. And like the first one comes when he He's running a a lighthouse right. He's up in Maine and he He's in charge of lighthouse and Moore woman visits him on the dock and they they strike. Strike this passionate love affair and You know she's got this like striking red hair or blond hair blond hair and The way yeah always carrying a trident weird but You know eventually. She suddenly breaks off their affair and leaves and Ricky. You know he just has to go on with his life. It's a couple of years later and You know he he. There's this woman visiting from out of town and In their last day together she She likes starts joking around. Bet Oh I have to get. I have to get back to like He. He always thought she was like a little wild little fun and fancy free and she starts joking about how she has to get back to space because You know get back in orbit because she's a planet get back in orbit. She keeps hinting. That you know you know after they have this This like weeklong crazy. Love affair Yeah so breaks up with this woman who talks about being a planet He he's down. His lucky needs some cash he donate some sperm for for money to a a thing. Called Project CADMUS Is the sexiest character creation. We had this really tumultuous relationship with a couple of weeks for the This woman called Tricia gone. You can call her. Try if you want and In weirdly like his thirties cap off with a. He's on a boat A boat Polish expedition. And in this time another where women are wear woman. May Moore woman another very Moore woman will get to wear woman. Don't refer Shag my next character. Another woman is a second affair with different Merwin. This one would like an intense widow's peak end like knockout thighs just crazy. And that's that's it for Ricky Spencer. He kinda normal guy who lives his life but he has these like five pretty interesting Love Affairs throughout his life with these Israeli interesting women. That's that's all that's all I mean that's over the course of a life. I mean you know that goes. I wasn't shaming him for many women. He's dated so much the amount of information that just came in. But let me say it again..

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