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The stress ball in your hand not on the table or not recording it be. I mean well over real life. Not from reels reels for recording reels. But it's not as our eeo either way we're still recording. Why are you so quiet. Sometimes when you look at me it makes me nervous like okay be funny now. I say that i. I didn't say. I say. I said it makes me feel that way. I was wondering if i needed to train you on the proper use of stress ball. There are no rules distress stress. Balling there are recording stress. Bali rule the jamaican up right now. Yes because apparently i need to. I didn't that is against the rules. I won't do that. That is also against the rules definitely against the rules but it bounces off your head so nice there shall be no bouncing of the stress fall right it also saying the plan this is get the clause very strictly strength. The those of you who don't know the claw is his grip that he known to paralyze many children and rodents e. 'cause wife great pain necessarily how you get it strength easy jazz. Good morning tim. Michelle start over your ring hit that they know your ring made noise. The table leapt to my hand. Shall we again jess hands while the cabin. And here's our dog's name widely seems to be excited that please hold during momentarily keinaenen difficulties. We have wiley issues while he was our boxer. Now rowen oli oli those balls or rolin down the streets of stoughton wisconsin. There you go impromptu song. Some to the saying i've got all discombobulated. We'll be back. Whenever gets her composure. Back she's lost it wisconsin..

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