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When you wake up in the morning, it's gonna look a whole lot better out there. And yes, we are in for a nice weekend. Still a few showers light rain drizzle for the trip home on this Friday, but the rain ending by evening and then clearing cold overnight, low of thirty six lots of sunshine for the weekend fifty nine tomorrow at sixty on Sunday. Now, we're at forty seven in knits, Wendy. The Mercedes Benz Plato news center Friday afternoon. I'm Chris summit. Ten eighty pump watch they'll some very good gasoline prices to be had out there. Right at the top of the list buckeyes, a dollar sixty nine thirty five near Frankford road. 176 in Fort Worth at the Sam's Club. Brian Irvine near I twenty and Lewisville makes an appearance on the pump launch one seventy seven at the Cosco one twenty one and thirty five our current local average still at two dollars even coming up tomorrow. It's a chance to support your local mayor and more importantly help the Salvation Army with their annual red kettle campaign. Lieutenant Timothy Israel says it's the ten th annual may oral challenge have mayors from ten different areas coming together to compete against each other to see who can raise the most money to help support the Salvation Army in their community. Last year's effort raised nearly one hundred thousand dollars for the Salvation Army. Lieutenant Israel says it's become a good natured and high spirited competition. Among the mayors have whether it's. Community partners community groups that come out and man at a location for them. Also, they they tend to to try to get some attraction, they're different sites to help draw more people there, I you know, I think we have one mayor who's having. Darth Vader and some stormtroopers coming to his location mayor Williams in Arlington. Having the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders appear at his location at Israel says the mayor of Mansfield has been part of the challenge since the first one back in two thousand nine David Kirk really has done a wonderful job of of getting the whole community involved in supporting this, and it's it's really become, you know, a big community effort for the city of of Mansfield and participating in this. And they take a lot of pride in winning the golden bell each year and bringing it back so far they've won it eight out of the nine previous years. So they're trying to make it nine out of ten this year. And don't forget the red kettle campaign is now into its final days for this year. We're trying to raise every dollar. We kingdom. Because the funds not only support the work. We do to serve individuals and family at this time of year. But also the work we do throughout the year just meeting those needs in our community. And so every dollar at this point is crucial the mayor's competing in the challenge. This year include those from Dow Worthington gardens Mansfield panty. Go Bedford candidate euless Burlington, north Richland hills, Arlington and Hearst. We will have a list of the specific red kettle located for tomorrow at KRLD dot com. Three million Texans are affected directly from diabetes. And the reason may surprise you. Dr John Landis is with San Antonio sake. Luke's hospital. He says some groups are more likely to get it about fifteen fourteen percent of the population states that are heavy in Hispanic population can have worsening numbers also native American population appears to have a higher incidence of diabetes. He says Asia's also reporting an increase in cases, and it's not obesity. But rather? They're smoking, and that's leading to an increase in the number of reported cases, worldwide KRLD's, Jim Foreside expanded traffic coverage just ahead with your weekend forecast. And then holiday surprise for some local fans of Hamilton the best place to listen to NewsRadio..

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