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. Tonight at 9. Check your local listings at D.C. news now dot com. This is WTO news, ten 22, the man who shot and killed by police near Tyson's corner center Wednesday night was unarmed. Fairfax county police confirmed they did not recover any weapons after searching the grounds around the mall, where two officers chased 37 year old Timothy mccree Johnson. Police chief Kevin Davis did not describe the circumstances that led the officers to fire shots at the D.C. man. He was suspected of stealing designers, sunglasses, from Nordstrom that night, both officers assigned to the tysons urban unit are on administrative leave. Major legal update to the story of the mother of a naval academy football player who was killed after being hit by a stray bullet as she sat on the patio of an Annapolis hotel. This was in the summer of 2021. Angelo Herod, the man found guilty of murder was sentenced to life in prison this evening, the maximum punishment that prosecutors wanted. Heritage from Annapolis, she was convicted late last year. In the killing of 57 year old Michelle Cummings, she was in town from Houston, celebrating the naval academy's induction day for her son Trey. Ten 23, we've got a follow-up to last night's amber alert, in which a car was stolen from a convenience store and gas station with a three year old child in the back seat in prince George's county. First, the kid was found safe, then a suspect was arrested, and WTO doorman reports on what's new tonight. About two hours after the car was stolen, it was found here around the intersection of farragut street and edmonston road in the bladensburg area. A few minutes later, police arrested 18 year old Ariel Florentino galeus at his home about a mile and a half away from here. Florentino galeas is charged with kidnapping, kidnapping of a child reckless endangerment and more police descended on this area after a vehicle involved in a hit and run a few blocks away from here matched the description of the stolen car. He's behind bars without bond right now with a bond hearing scheduled for Monday afternoon. In bladensburg John dome in WTO, he news. A judge has just ordered the release of a redacted version of an investigative report detailing sex abuse allegations against more than a 150 Roman Catholic priests in the archdiocese of Baltimore. The report which followed a years long investigation by the Maryland attorney general's office has not yet been made public because it contains information obtained through grand jury subpoenas. But lawyers for the state asked permission to release their findings and now we're hearing from the judge who is calling for a redacted version to come out as early as next month. He says the decision is in the interest of justice for the more than 600 victims identified in that report. Ten 25 money news, 25 and 55 with Larry kofsky. This is a Bloomberg money minute, expectations are growing on Wall Street that the fed has a long way to go before it's done raising interest rates. Those fears send stocks to another loss ahead of the weekend. Now industrials fell 337, the S&P lost 42, the NASDAQ dropped one 95. Inflation is measured by the fed's preferred indicator ran hotter than expected in January. 5.4% at an annual rate, and with prices climbing, we spent more, consumer spending jumped more than 1%. Former treasury secretary Larry summers thinks the economy may be headed off a cliff, despite current strength, he sees signs of trouble ahead. Firms are reporting concerns about their order books, the business sector has a lot of people on hand and consumer savings are being depleted. Summers appeared on Bloomberg television, Wall Street week. From the Bloomberg newsroom, I'm Laurie kofsky, on WTO. It was the worst week for the Dow NASDAQ and S&P of 2023. They were down about 3% each for the week. Coming up. Police described the 9-1-1 call from a herndon man admitting he'd shot someone stabbing his wife. A Meghan clover. Now ten 26. We're not sure which companies need to hear this, but the perks that used to work to get the best employees are now. Well, kind of lame. Look, a home office pizza corner office, any day of the week, but if we have to come in, a van pool ride to and from work makes it a little less painful. Not to mention getting some cars off the road is way better for the environment. It all begs the question. If you're not offering a van pool option for your best employees, how do you know they are the best employees? Learn more at vanpool alliance

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