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Hey, Sal, you wanna hear a joke? Yeah. Sure. Go ahead peop-. What do the Green Bay Packers and the manager at fillet having common? Let's see what do the Green Bay Packers and the manager and Chick-fil-A having common. I I give up neither one of them shows up to work on Sunday. Oh, man. That's a good one. Hang on a second. I gotta get the door. Hi, can I help you with the Chicago city fund police? We have a report that you've been having some fun in here without a permit. The fun police. How great well. Yeah, we weren't having some fun. But I didn't think we needed the fun permit since this is a private residence and not a place of business. Well, according to your neighbor your wife runs a for profit sewing club out of your house. Is that accurate Jim told you that being that rat bastard, cert there's really only one way to solve this? You have to pay amusement tax or risk being dragged out into the street and mauled by dogs by dogs cheese. Hats insane. Why don't you just put me in front of the firing squad? While you're at it. We could never do that, sir. How come because this is Chicago, sir? There are no guns here. Six. Chicago Bill Daley, the latest member of the daily family, seeking the mayor of Chicago.

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