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Consumer spending appears to be on the rebound and more importantly the average earning of the American public appears to be okay it's not great, but it's okay. So the reason I say this is that normally today I would be in a hospital I would be interviewing kids. I would be tried to pull on your heartstrings to encourage people to give generously to the Affleck Children's blood disorder and cancer center to Fight Childhood Cancer. And we can't because we're in a global pandemic money is title around for everyone. It is tight for me. It is tight for you. I have tried to be as generous as I. Possibly can my family we have continued paying are barbers in hairstylists when they couldn't work paying for haircuts we would never get a pain housekeepers who couldn't come to our house Buying things from people just to be able to make purchases for them. The amount of stuff I have spent that I may never use but knew that it would go to helping other people we have tried where we can't have that that's not to brag about me. That's to say I've I've done what I can I I have tried to step up and I'm so I'm practicing what I preach here when I ask you if you're willing to step up. Now. I, I have a bonus for you and we may I make be complicating things for the folks doing the Carribean because let me tell you something I do every year to try to help raise money the four this children's cancer center in. ATLANTA. I I have a bourbon collection of those of you who may have seen it on instagram. I have a very massive bourbon collection years ago when I was on radio, who's one of the great mistakes I made was to announce I had discovered I like small batch. Craft bourbons. And listeners literally started sending me bottles I have well over one hundred bottles of Bourbon now. almost all of them individual in. Unique. Very few of them, the same and so every year at. At my office in Atlanta I invite couples to come and I think it's five hundred dollars. Donation. To the cancer center and I allow them to drink through my bourbon collection I provide barbecue. We eat give them a tour of my radio facility, and then I walked them through the various bourbons and hope that they have drivers to take them home, and if you WanNa, if you WANNA participate in that I want to make it available to you as well. you have you the data to be determined There's not a date set because of the pandemic. But it'll happen at some point and I think it's a five hundred dollar donation for a couple to be able to come do this and I've got a lot of the various bottles of Jefferson's and Basil. Hayden. Noah's mill. Just I I've got a lot of different bourbons and some of them you've never heard of them. Some of you have I've had celebrity send me bottles suburban And I, bring them all to Atlanta and get everyone together and walk them through this with some good barbecue from a great place in Atlanta actually have a listener who has a barbecue shop who provides the barbecue four south up in Canton. If you've ever been, they're fantastic barbecue and destroy WanNa make this available to you and I I want you to understand it is for good cause. If you have a child the anywhere you're listening if you're listening to enroll more Clarksville or Dalton or Jasper Brunswick or Savannah or statesborough or Douglas or or or unitil lower Albany or a dell or Valdosta or Whitman or Athens or Greensboro or Milledgeville or Macon Columbus..

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