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Those three attackers the terrorists the london police have identified them as terrorist and calling this terrorist act those three have been killed by police the police are saying that this entire event took eight minutes before they were able to take take down those three a terrorist who not only rammed their van into people on the london bridge but then made their way into a nearby restaurant district and started stabbing people with knives before they were taken down again forty eight people still listed as injured seven now confirmed dead in london from the attacks along with the three attackers prime minister may is supposed to be addressing the media at this time that has not happened right now and we will bring you that information as soon as we can get it earlier this morning a b c he radio's tom rivers spoke with our own dave plyer about the latest news rivers saying that it doesn't matter where people live in england right now everybody needs to be vigilant near to beat up security presence and end its welcome it major transportation lobs land march touristy tight places eccentric sharon at your loyd tom cato so depaul history professor and terrorism analysts says there's a reason vehicles running over people has become a calling card for terrorist interiors whatever tourrecord expires are you can't get any input we are an interview at eu wish you can than in north america yandi so are becoming more and more time it and it and other news thirty seven year old clearance donors being held without bail on attempted murder charges after allegedly shooting of forty two year old man in an alley and a sixty four year old woman who was in her apartment nearby happened in east rogers park in the sixteen under block was trampled terrace the two victims are in stable condition will check sports traffic and weather next on wgn okay keep your eyes closed i wanna show you my first ever painting i okay open your eyes so that's l colors and say they'll be honest what do you think well i i like how if he's let's.

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