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Komo seattle komo fm oakville what's happening now coming up on komo news former seahawk michael bennett in trouble with the law i'm charlie harder with the story now that more coming up after abc it's nine o'clock from abc news i'm todd ant the white house announced an update on president trump's call to ban transgender people from the military the trump administration's announced a policy that bans many transgender people from serving in the military releasing a statement saying people they history were diagnoses of gender dis fauria are disqualified for military service except under limited circumstances the white house citing a defense department report which was commissioned after the president called freight blanket ban on transgender troops last summer the memo rescinds that order the white house says the defense department study will enhance the military's readiness lee thallady and effectiveness brian clark abc news after threatening to veto a one point three trillion dollar spending bill president trump says he signed the measure averting a government shutdown telling white house reporters he had no choice because it contains major increases in military funding but delivered this warning congress i will never sign another bill like this again i'm not gonna do it again nobody read it it's only hours old to bill increases military spending by more than sixty billion dollars over last year trump has tweeted his displeasure over the bill because it does not fully fund a border wall or address protections for dhaka recipients and jeff sessions announced that doj is issuing a rule to ban bump stocks protests can genuine sacramento friday night after the release of body cam footage that shows police looking into reports if someone breaking into vehicles police apparently thought that twenty two year old stefan clarke had a firearm turned out to be an iphone to officers seen in the dash cam video or on paid administrative leave and officials are investigating the shooting a second day of big losses pushed stocks to their worst week in two years in fact stocks around the world have plunged of fear that a trade conflict between the us and china would escalate the dow lost four hundred and twenty five points this is abc news doors are being slammed in your.

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