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Helping f to build and manage investment portfolios another big part of your job as a financial adviser just smiling laugh because this is what i mentioned earlier the seventy percent of what people don't do and it's not brushing t e is helping people with budgets yes a sixty eight percent of americans do not have a budget so for every one hundred people that i see kind of coming off the street not existing clients because we've gone through that before but sixty eight percent of americans don't have a budget i think it's common sense to have a budget but sometimes common sense isn't so common as this stat starts to reveal and it's a huge problem without having a budget so at for me this is hard to understand because my wife and i have a budget and so help me understand this a little bit more and others who are listening that that are in that same situation what do you suppose is keeping so many americans from have a budget i could be a lot of things you've got unresolved emotional issues maybe a bad relationship with money a you're using meaningless numbers you have no specific goal within the plan maybe lacked momentum or some sort of a catalyst to act endorphins it feels great to spend right now and you don't know how to save for the future but what i've found is that it could probably even be more simple people have misconceptions about just what aid budget is that helps with understanding it because those are real reasons in fact some some sound like pretty complex issues like unresolved emotional issues that really connery choirs you'd be as much a therapist at as it does a financial advisor sometimes i do feel like a therapist lots of lots of kleenex boxes have been use lots of tears have been shed but.

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