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Derail attack jeff brohm feel npr news the trump administration is imposing sanctions on eight more venezuelan officials npr's philip braves zinc caracas in says the sanctions will badly eight from traveling to the us and prohibit us companies from doing business with them the sanctions mostly target individuals whom the us say organized will supported the creation of president nicolas madouas new constituent assembly washington considers vat assembly illegal and a means of entrenching windows dictatorship the assembly's already pasta decree declaring itself the most powerful legislative body in the land of voted to throw out venezuela's chief prosecutor those same should include a brother of the late socialist leader hugo chavez and a commander of the national guard who's accused of acts of violence against opposition politicians in the elected national assembly in the past when his officials have been sanctioned widow who was himself targeted by us sanctions last week has held ceremonies honoring them but breeze npr news caracas this is npr news from kqed news i'm paul land core san mateo district attorney says the three south san francisco police officers who fatally shot a fiftynineyearold armed man in may were justified in their use of legal force lethal force that is according to dac even wag staffs investigation into the incident the officers fired sixteen shots of john wayne you know and hit him five times during a confrontation outside his home in a was armed with a shotgun at the time in wag staff says the officers feared for their lives wag staff announced yesterday of the officers have been cleared of all criminal wrongdoing in he knows death a conquered officials says the city might not be able to afford its plan nineteen million dollar loan for a redevelopment project he cubides sonia hudson reports the city in partnership with a private company is redeveloping closed naval weapons station they're turning the roughly five thousand acres into a park and a highdensity commercial and residential am conquered has already loaned nine million dollars to the project and has planned for another twelve million dollars over the next ten years guy beer key is conquer director of community reuse planning to now we've been able to find additional revenue went in the city budget to fund these there is a legitimate with question of our ability to continue to do so beer key also says the.

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