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Is pretty bad you ever began as a painter. I thought yeah. I began as a painter and high went to Ireland with a box of paints and at about two hundred dollars and I bought a donkey and cart traveled around for several months. Left under the car painted the idea was that I was going to set the world on fire with my brush and trouble was that It got pretty cold at night. Sometimes I'd want to. I'd want to get some hot milk or something. Whoever accepted hospitality? They wouldn't take money in those days in Ireland. So you get. I have to give them a panic so all the paintings went and I arrived in Dublin. I had no paintings and no money is any of this. This is absolutely true. Yes and that's how I got in the theater. Because I had Darren living. I really did want the painting. Yes I still do it. I wish I was better. I'd give any. I'd rather be painted anything. Lots of people have that. But that's the inborn. Isn't it most of it? No I think anybody anybody can paint. It's just Oh I know that anybody can. Everybody can't sing. I can't I can't sing you could if you have on the and taking money for it but it's it's you can't call it singing really no would you. Now you're not saying you're not saying to me be honest everybody can be it good or not good but can do something particularly Children Canyon. All Children are good painters. You notice that because their natural I suppose and they don't have any restrictions. I don't know what it is. And they get to be a little about seven and they lose it but there's a sort of miraculous time when they paint wonderful pictures. Can you tell me why people would pay seventy five to one hundred and fifty dollars for a painting done by chimpanzee? Now that's been in the paper before and it's been done at gallery where a lot of paintings that are in the galleries. Look as though they've been done by chimpanzees people sure but they buy they buy boxes of sand and call them sculpture.

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