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On the penguins and swim with the Braves and another band series for the Yankees. But yesterday Atta custody, add what could be the greatest comeback story in sports. One of the biggest golf stories we've ever seen a compelling. Couple of hours. They got moved up early into the morning early afternoon as Tiger Woods wins the masters everybody that was a sports fan. Not a sports fan glued to the television to see this anytime that he was in tournament everybody hoped that he would win we got a win. But now he's got the win another green jacket yesterday was about as cool as it gets sports. Good morning. How are you? I'm doing great. Joe? You're right, man. I mean, it was just awesome. I can. We see the ratings even though they cheated off earlier do get away from the hurricanes and all that kind of tornadoes and stuff down there in the weather. But it's remarkable really dig about where he's been what he's been through and the questions about whether or not he would ever win another major. Would you be stuck at fourteen because you know, the record for majors is held by Jack Nichols. He has eighteen and Jack Nicklaus isn't really like what I would consider the the example of prime athletic health when he was playing he played during the smoking year and the drinking year, and they just went out, and they played golf. Now. It's become a three hundred sixty five day year sport. And it's they are all taking care of themselves for the most part, and they're all the all the guys that he'd beat yesterday have been spawned because of his success some fifteen years ago when you think about it and he's beating guys twice as age. And it makes me think we'll Phil Mickelson ever win. Another major. I don't think. So I don't think so I don't see it because I don't necessarily know that he puts the time and effort into. Would that tiger Wood's legendarily has and that's exactly what we saw yesterday. And then they got to little place on the golf course. And now knows this very well because I just showed him a shot of me playing whole number twelve Amen Corner. They call this Amen Corner where where eleven meets twelve twelve meets thirteen and those four or five shots right in there that sometimes at have over the years the sided this particular tournament, and this particular tournament was decided right then and there and then tiger had his signature tiger moment. In the final round on sixteen. Put the ball two feet from the pin? Fewer and that port three almost a hole in one yet. A couple hold on one yesterday almost had another one day and this sequence before the show was just classic because Allah's not a big fan. He's saying how did the professional? Golfers. Hit it in the water. I don't understand her. And then boomer goes, well, I hit it in the water as well. And here's the video of me at a cost. Why did have fifty thousand fans watching me certainly didn't have twenty million people watch me on TV? Being stalked boomer. Thank you L and being stalked by Tiger Woods. And it's just amazing that little sequence of holes if you can make those holes, especially on a Sunday with tiger lurking in the background, it takes a lot. And I think that's one of the reasons why everybody's reacting the way they are. I I just you. And I were talking about this this morning. This is going to make the PGA championship at Bethpage may sixteenth through the nineteenth even that much more exciting around here. And I would I would think that it's probably sold out. I would imagine I don't know you have to check with PGA dot com and go see whether or not they still have tickets available. But I would imagine effort tiger one yesterday to be able to watch him up close and personal at Bethpage. Black would be something that all golf ends around. Here would want to do. And even those fans that aren't, you know, hardcore golfers like myself are hardcore fans would wanna go see tiger. And this really incredibly talented group of golfers. That will be performing at Bethpage Black. I was saying also that I think that what would have happened had our buddy KEPCO made his birdie putt on eighteen tiger would have played the whole differently. There's no doubt about it. I mean, he knew the cushion net he had and that's second shot he would've played differently. And I even think that third shoddy would have played differently. I know off the t you had made that observation about the way that he was playing it at that point when he knew because caps go KEPCO was early in the clubhouse at that point. But I think that would have been tight for sure and tiger would have had to make a putt that was obviously a lot harder than what he ended up making to win the thing. And it's Potter, by the way, he could've run away with this thing if he was better with his putter yesterday Tiger Woods, especially early on in the front nine because Molinari was as solid as you could get on the front nine and tiger was in the fairway. Molinaro was not. But he was making all these crazy par saves tiger had a bunch of birdie putts that he could have made he got to run away with this thing and did not. So it would have been very interesting. There's no doubt. I think it would played the whole differently. There's no way would have played the oldest same way if kept birdie eighteen by the way, I was a terrible putt by kept got on eighteen. I thought he was going to sink that thing with the ice water that runs through his veins all the time, and he blew that thing, you know, just doing a little bit of the like going back, and you know, kind of reviewing Tigers history. And all that other stuff I found a little ditty that was two years ago. He needed a nerve block injection just to make the champions dinner at a customer. He referenced that in the you know, when he was in the Butler's cabin you thinking about it. They he thought like there was no golfing future. Yeah. Well, he said it himself he had four next surgeries kind of like Peyton Manning. You know, it's not really surprising that a guy that would take care of himself. And I'm not talking about the mental anguish and all the other crap that he went through because they went through a whole lot of crap. And we all know that because we're all revisiting that now too. But the but the the see him yesterday do what he did. And then to see the golfers that he is competing against over the last ten eleven years, really. Find so much joy in him winning yesterday was pretty amazing. I thought the reaction from the band's was a little bit. I think we all expected that and I just the reaction from the golfers that he competes with every weekend. That was amazing to me when you follow all the social media stuff. Yeah. There's a lot of people out there look at Tiger Woods and say man, what a bad guy and all the stuff that went on and this and that and questionable behavior, but you know, for most people who watch golf Tiger Woods means spectacular things. It's a part of your life in sports consumption, where he was the best of the best. And there was nothing more exciting than him winning a major. I think he's almost been a pro for about twenty four twenty five years. I mean, that's how long he's been around. Right. And all these players that are on the tour. Now, all the young players were all spawned because of the brilliance of Tiger Woods at the masters. The first time he wanted us green, Jack. It was the first one where he ran away with us. I mean, this is they've lengthened the course and made the course tougher because of him. Sure. And this is like an individual sport. So it's a little bit different. But this would be like, Michael Jordan who comes back with the wizards and takes them to a championship. This would be the Peyton Manning example with the Broncos was a good woman that defense is one of the best in football. So that's a little bit different only had to do a little bit in an individual sport. Like this for him to come all the way back, and how much sport has grown in these years when he's been away and how there's so many good golfers. And there was that stretch there towards the end on the back nine where this kid came out of nowhere, whatever his name, Linda, shuffling shuffling was there. But there was another kid who was leading it at twelve under. I had never heard of in my life. Patrick, something or other just can't can't can't leg right, which is unfortunate name one and high school. Yes. All right, easy. But yeah. So Patrick Kelly pops up there at a nowhere. I'm thinking there's no way he's going to get this done. Because all these young guys are there something's going to happen. And he did. So I mean this chief everybody's going to be talking about today. But I don't think there's any hyperbole year. This is just an. Question is edible. What he was able to do it was. And I think it was fascinating for all of us to watch it and everything else. But the real question is Kenny win another one. Now, I can't catch is goes it is because that can catch Jack Nicklaus. That's that's the ultimate holy grail. In golf is two clips eighteen majors the nineteen or twenty majors which I think that's about where we were two or three years ago. The thought that he would even Don a green jacket, let alone when a golf tournament was so foreign to everybody that has covered golf, you know. And when you think also about the impact that he has had both on the course off the course with golf balls, and he's a golf course designer now the clothes that he wears, you know, everything that goes into what Tiger Woods has become as an athlete for twenty five years for twenty five years this has been going on. And the fact is I think golf is a better game. And there's more interest in it. When he obviously is at the top of the leaderboard, which is what we have sought this whole weekend. Now, I. Got to believe that Bethpage is going to be a hell of a lot harder than a Custos. I gotta believe with all the rain that we've had the rain that were getting that the fescue over. There has got to be thick. It's got to be. I don't know if we'll be all that high that usually doesn't get high until July and August, but I gotta believe the under undercard or the underbelly of that stuff has got to be really big. I don't know how long they'll play Bethpage. If you remember when they had the US open back here years ago. A lot of guys were complaining because the carries were too hard and too long for them off the tees. I don't know if they'll play quite like that. But I can't imagine that, you know, fourteen or fifteen hundred is going to win the PGA championship at Bethpage. I'd be shocked that were the case, especially when we're talking about may now to where you still could get a couple of cold days and windy days brain that comes through. There's no doubt about it. That may is a lot different than later in the summer when it comes to weather, and what these guys are used to. But I don't know..

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