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To Maguire Is an abiding launches a massive effort to slow climate change. Piercy AP Soccer Madani After years of Trump administration moves, he says, worsened the destructive effects of climate change. The president says the U. S must act. We can't wait any longer. Laying out the most ambitious American effort yet to slow global warming caused by humans. He's aiming to cut oil, gas and coal emissions and double energy production from offshore wind turbines. It's all politically risky. And while Republicans are blasting the president's moves as job killers, it's about jobs. Good paying union jobs, saying America will invest in workers to develop, build and install clean energy technologies. SOCCER Megane Washington The Bite administration's coronavirus response team says as many as 90,000 people could die in the pandemic in this country over the next four weeks. Response coordinator Jeff Zion says progress is being made on the vaccines. Most states are getting better at putting Needles and arms and the federal government is beginning to support those effort. Top character actor who could make you cry or make you laugh, has died. AP Entertainment correspondent Oscar Wills Gabriel reports Cloris Leachman won an Oscar for her portrayal of a lonely housewife in the last picture show. In this 2011 Associated Press interview, she said she loved doing the work of an actor responded. Sorted out, figure it out. See who it all who Hall of the people are figure out what to do Great fun. Leachman could also make people laugh as she did in the role of Phyllis, the neighbor on the Mary Tyler Moore show, she says in this 2009 clip doing comedy serious business, You have to really mean it. Wanted or do it. You know, you have to give it your all publicist says Cloris Leachman died in her sleep of natural causes. She was 94 years old. This is AP News. 76 years ago. Allied troops liberated Auschwitz Now is a world marks. Holocaust Remembrance Day, Illinois Senator Dick Durbin says at least one of the hundreds who attacked the Capitol in Washington appeared proud of his anti Semitism. For many, the most painful image of that day was of a middle aged white man proudly wearing a sweatshirt that red Camp Auschwitz. And then the words. Work makes you free. Translation of the cruel slogan atop the Black Iron gates leading into the Auschwitz concentration camp. After the photo of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders went viral on social media for his simple inauguration day outfit, quirky brown mittens, oversized all of green coat Will be King Got to crow Shane, turning the image into a doll King then put it up for auction on eBay. It sold for $20,300, which he donated two meals on Wheels. America. I'm Tim McGuire. AP News Coronavirus Update. I'm to McGuire with an AP news Minute Coronavirus Resource Center of Johns Hopkins University, says more than 427,000 people have died in the pandemic in this country, including more than 4000 deaths. In the past day, Members of the White House pandemic Task Force held their first briefing, delivering the stark assessment that another 90,000 people could die over the next four weeks. CDC director Dr Rochelle Walensky. I know this is not moving. I want to hear, but this is something my say so We are all aware Oregon health workers stuck in a snowstorm on their way back from a covert 19 vaccination event when car to car injecting stranded drivers before several of the doses expired. Josephine County Public Health said on its Facebook page that the impromptu vaccine clinic took place after about 20 employees were stuck in traffic because of the storm. Six of the vaccines were close to expiring, so The workers decided to offer them to other stranded.

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