UAP, Navy discussed on Lex Fridman Podcast


Never would have I never would have had the I wouldn't maybe recklessness, I don't know, but the willingness to have a conversation about UAP while I was that led me to the decision to get out once I went there and it kind of enabled me to talk about UAP more publicly. And if I stayed in the navy that I don't think that would have happened, I wouldn't have been able to. If I went that route, well, as a small tangent, do you hope to travel to Mars one day? Do you think you'll step foot on Mars one day? If you ask me that 5 years ago, I would have said, yes, I want to. In fact, I would like to die on Mars. Now today, now I have some hesitations. And I have some hesitations because I'm hopeful and optimistic. And I think that, you know, I think that we are truly on the brink of a very wide technological revolution that's going to kind of move us how we used to move information and data in this last century. We're going to be manipulating and managing matter in that next century. And so I think that I think our reach as humans are going to get a lot wider, a lot faster than people may realize, or at least, are you getting super ambitious beyond Mars. Is that what you're saying? Well, I mean, like Mars seems kind of boring, but I want to go beyond that. Do you mean the reach of humanity across all kinds of technologies or do you mean literally across space? The cross base, you know? So we're going to be, I think that as artificial intelligence and machine learning starts broaching further into the topic of science through the area of science and we start working through new physics. We start working through, or I should say, past einsteinian frameworks, as we kind of get better idea of what spacetime is or isn't. We may have, we may find answers that we didn't know that we were looking for. And we may have more opportunity. And I'm not saying this is something I'm betting the farm on, of course, but maybe that's a road I want to explore on earth instead of on Mars.

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