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Great we might see like mary. Magallanes pinky with the relic stuff. The really person i've kinda into it. Aaron shared an account of a guy in rome. I think on her instagram dinner with him. Why on this trip wait. We don't play. We're like the relics. Oh yes we did this. That's the most instagram seven. And three thing we're like do you want to take the dinner talk about thinking shows rotten body parts please. How was your weekend in nashville. By the way less than y'all nashville is a delight. I have some of the best meals i've ever had. But every time we would go anywhere we would walk around and we would run into the bachelorette party and i think my i think of bachelorette parties as i think of currently fifteen year old girls. I'm scared of them. Made me very nervous. Very powerful in ways that i am not. Don't mess with the government domenico with bachelorettes. Don't mess with teenage girls. Yeah that's what. I do a lot of power but every time we would walk past these bachelorette parties we would say because they would all dressed up in. Someone's wearing a veil waked box. And they're wearing a sash and we would be like you guys look so pretty and they're like oh my god you too and i would be like in universal thread and i would have on my rossi's and thank you and everybody was so sweet. No one was unkind. Everybody's i it may have been blood alcohol level. I don't know who could no but their love area complementary as they go around them. They're pretty they will tell you you're pretty three more times and they are really pretty like just like target pretty is and they're all pretty at the same time like some of y'all know i was always the bridesmaid. That was like oh. She must be fun off negative way funding parties and but it would always be like hot hot hot hot hot. Why is she so short in her head so big rankings fit on her head. It's a new day. They know how. Like i only have like a covergirl stick concealed under this is the thing and the compact that came in my stocking every year. And that's how. I did may have the resources. We did not have to do this. You get it. I get it. Wasn't when's the last time you guys have been to a bachelor party festivities and do they do. They all the same like rhythm and format. I haven't been to one in a long time. I probably just keep saying no. It always feels like there's going to be to me too. Many people not making decisions. Yes and there's going to be a lot of like. Do you wanna go kayaking. No no no tiffany. Nobody wants to go kayaking. The tone for kayaking. That's the problem everybody's yang and wants to be outside and i'm like how. 'bout we get our kindles out and we have a daydream and we sit by this pool could afford rather than eight of us staying in a one bedroom hotel room. This is it. This is eight of us in a one bedroom. Hotel is why. I say no every time without getting i'm like no no i can't. That was my bachelor party. A dude's one hotel room. A braves game win back to my house played poker. Someone had too much to drink. Urinated in the yard sprained his ankle. My elderly neighbor saw him. It was a whole thing the whole thing. He urinated in the art and sprained his ankle. Yeah it was post your nation slip on that that wet grass hits different thanksgiving hearing. Mike's hard lemonade. no it was. I mean you know this person. I've written about this person in my in. All things reconsidered chapters were devoted to him. Scott oh scott. Yeah three right. That's right. that's right. I got it. Listen i asked you to bring a green light of some sort like you. New on the podcasts. Yes what are your green lights for. Today is a book called midnight library by matt. hake it is So it's a book about. It's a The protagonist is named north seed. And she is kind of in between life and death and she's given access to this place called them in library which is where they got the title and if you got that okay good She's allowed to pick through like versions of her life and deal with the regrets that she has. It's really beautiful story about regret and processing through what might have been or you know what you have is. Actually just light frothy jill. Yeah yeah love reading about regret. Yeah okay so mine is. Also it's fiction. It is the other black girl by keila harris. And it's kind of like the double wears product meets get out and super chill. But it's a page turner nella is. She's the only black employee at a huge publishing house in new york until she meets the other black employees and then chaos ensues and there's kind of paranormal staff. It's really really good. It was on the new york times bestseller heard of the list though. She was also on the list. It's fantastic. it's a great summer read. It's not a lot of regrets. It is right lou on the scale low on the scale Okay is there anything. We didn't talk about the automation recover. No i think we kind of got everything that went so fast. I still feel like i can't really breathe all the way i've been laughing so hard but still i don't feel like we got an explanation about the pants thing honestly. I'm not saying we need to do that. But it's weird. It's strange then. Go home rants on your head and talk about rapunzel figure out why it reminds you ever. You'll be like wow. This was a good time. I get jamie does the does the thing that makes me the most mad about this. I'm going to do it. No don't add able. I posted a picture. Post the picture target picture releases we picture. You would absolutely not. Yes she'll say to us. Okay the last question. We always ask because the show is called. That sounds fun. Tell me what sounds fun to you. I was thinking about this and the last couple of weeks out. It's of probably the championship and its continued like with the super regionals college. Baseball live sports with crowds. I forgot how much i missed it. And i forgot how much energy abroad even the nba playoffs watching the tennessee. Lsu game the other night and how rowdy everybody got it feels. It's like a nice visual..

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