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Beans? Yes, yes. Specifically maze or corn, climbing beans and winter squash. Don't all three of those words have the sound touch or something like that, innit? You're what you're hearing in common is ash at the end, which means it's a plural. Oh, no. An animate plural. Okay, And what do we tend to know? Corn, beans and squash as in English. The three was that the three That the three princesses the three sisters, Callie The southwestern tip of the island of Martha's Vineyard, was formerly called Gay Head going to its gaily colored cliffs, Now in 1997 gay head was re christened with its original name. Quinoa or Quanah. Which means what We'll give you a little bit of help here. The last two syllables Mean Island. The first part of the word shares a route with these three words. Well, Sean What Quiche. Those mean respectively. Stopped traveling ceased to exist. And basically cut that out. Okay, So what does a queen I mean? It means the end of the island like land's end, because that's the end of it. That's where you would stop traveling. That's correct into the island. 10 points very Here is the word for turtle. Who in the past keeping in mind what Callie just learned about the ending, Quanah. What? And where is the place that the Wampanoag called? Do not pass and The end of the turtle. Is that great restaurant near I of the dove? Yes, and knock. Uh, this is an island turtle. What's the question again to pass? And now what? And where is this place? We've got half of it. There is a string quartet named after this place. Turtle Island is that Martha's Vineyard? Is it Turtle Island is the place where the wolf Lee underappreciated string quartet plays. Wildlife sounds. Sounds Can't remember when the sun first comes up. No, I wish we had television. Ah, lot of native cultures have this particular concept. Turtle Island meanings where the white people should live. There's plenty of white people here already. It's North America. North America. Why is that? Jesse? Why is Turtle Island name for north part of our creation story? The only creature that was willing to be patient enough and helpful enough for the other animals to Kyle Earth on its back. Was the turtle and people and animals on the earth were created on the back of that, turtle. There you go tonight. To this day we have the ceremony of Dad's letting their Children bury them on the beach. As for our guest pronouncer, having almost single handedly launched the movement to bring the Wampanoag language back from the brink of extinction. She is now the mother of its first native speaker in seven generations. Our congratulations that.

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