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Fifty one forty one the justice system in Texas is having to deal with the damage done by a dirty captain USA's Chris Barnes has that story almost one hundred more drug convictions tied to the now former Houston police officer are expected to be overturned the Harris County DA's office says Gerald goings lied when he secured search warrants which led to ninety one convictions defense lawyers will have to review the evidence and request new trials for the cases are dismissed prosecutors already said about six dozen other cases will also end up being dismissed the investigation into goings began last year after the deaths of two people during a botched drug raid in Houston prosecutors have charged goings with murder for that raid as he had lied to get a no knock warrant for USA radio news I'm Chris Barnes center in the closed part Democrat from Minnesota has been asked by Joe Biden to undergo a formal setting to be considered as his vice presidential running mate one of several potential contenders now being scrutinized by his aides I have the final decision while several are expected to consent to the vetting at least one potential contender has bowed out senator Jeanine Shaheen the Democrat from New Hampshire who is running for reelection decline Biden's invitation to be considered but senator Maggie Hassan the other New Hampshire senator has agreed according to local news reports Biden committed during a March primary debate to pick a woman as his running mate and he said the list of women is currently around a dozen for USA radio news I'm John hunt attention homeowners do you have a house various repairs you have tenants that never seem to make their monthly payments about code violations past due taxes for maintenance costs you just can't afford them call my friends right now Wade quick cash specialize in buying any home no matter how ugly the.

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