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So Karen Lewis is off today. He is on a secret mission. That I am at the sign a non disclosure forms then couldn't tell you about. So you gotta listen to him tomorrow. Hopefully, he'll be able to share with you his top secret travel. Why did you know I didn't sign anything He's going to go get you said whatever you do, don't say anything, all right? Home. I mean, I I had the like. Offer him my entire liquor cabinet. Maybe it was just a roast. Talk me out of my liquor cabinet. I hear it's phenomenal. Nobody comes over to see us anymore. I'll see you at 10 40. My wife says nobody wants to talk to me because I talk too much about politics and the covert virus. Over your Kittery. Everybody's talking about it. She says. Well, nobody's gonna like you anymore. Says good people I don't wanna have, like, anyway. Let's go back to your phones, Kunst. Good morning, Susan. This is Ed Martin and forget Carlos. Morning and you do a good job. Don't tell yourself we got to get a lawsuit going, Ellen Woman from a rescue for the bar owners and, uh, a lot of us are too small Mom and pop organizations, You know, I mean, I probably know more than maximum 50. People in our place is if that And the whole idea of duty is that he's he's being financed by the by the restaurant association is the corporate takeover to get better. Mom and pop are almost always vote conservative for obvious reasons, but they got a hand strong, You know, they've got a license and realizes and re feed and feed and lighten up one side and down the other and so It is. We're stuck. Anybody who owns the property outright like me. We have to have a liability waiver of some sort because false accusations can be done with impunity. Nobody. Nobody checks up on those to see how many of these complaints quote unquote are actually riel? And now we're in a Napoleonic law. You have to prove it didn't happen as opposed to, you know, whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty. What about the windows? In that way? I have to tell you in that way about 20 years unity ball with female white liberal women that I have Made the mistake of employing over time. Not lately, but I've seen that happen has been some sort of problem what they're thinking, and I'm just saying that sale people decide. They've had enough of this. And take that the company because Republicans You know? Unfortunately, there are no you don't get a good guy, either one of them They're left bad, Maybe, but it conservatism is where we're supposed to be. People have to figure out who's got the consequence. I'll be lion. Nobody. Nobody that college educated people think that we're stupid that we don't know the same result they took, which is well, that is hardly needs, says the top of the elevator in a pyramid of needing everything you need to get by in life. Elvis team. You've got to be self actualized. We've got to go back to work. All these social problems you're gonna have from suicide, drug addiction, depression. You know, this is going to be a huge problem and duty needs to be thrown the hell out of any future in politics. A man has back wrong horse and we need him to go away and we can't give it to him. Now, Maybe he'll get Corona virus And, uh, you know, have a heart Hey, will die won't die. I mean, it's not good to watch what hope hope somebody dies. But even if he did get Corona virus, his chance of getting really in trouble is pretty minimal. You know, I mean, you know me. They scare the crap scared the crap out of everybody. And that's the reason why you're cranked up about what? Hey, let me ask you a question. Yep. Can people go to the bar and sit at the bar? Not my bar. We're not even open. You mean you're not.

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