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It may sound familiar. We're actually going back more than five decades on the show today to a time when Alabama governor four time presidential candidate George. Wallace was perfecting the politics of resentment and race baiting. Lot of people have commented on the similarities between that time, and now John Lewis was one of them. Louis, of course, was the legendary civil rights leader Congressman who died last month you'll hear his words later on the show. Lewis surprising take on Wallace. He questioned if Wallace actually believed outweigh things he was saying. Lewis Theory is that George Wallace was a savvy politician and he knew just what to say to get ahead. George Wallace. His political career as a moderate with black support, the end Lacey Pe- even backed him in his first bid for governor. But after he was defeated nineteen fifty eight following the Montgomery bus boycott in the Supreme Court decision in Brown versus board of Education Wallace course in his next election Wallace rebranded himself and one. As, he stepped up to the podium at his inauguration in nineteen sixty, three wallace delivered. One of the most vehement rallying cries against racial equality in American history. Segregation now segregation tomorrow segregation forever. Whatever may have really been in George Wallace's heart before that day and in his later years that one single sentence became his legacy. Today in the show, the infamous words of George Wallace. My name is Wayne Green Hall. I always a newspaper reporter in Montgomery Alabama back in the nineteen sixties, I was a student activist and my name is Dr James Vpo Junior. My name is Dan. Carter. I wrote a biography of George Wallace, my name is. Lewis. I'm a member of the House of Representatives. And I. Remember the speech farewell. Beta. This is the way they are mine all. Governor of the State of Alabama George Wallace was inaugurated on the steps of the capital. The streets were packed all his followers all over the state crowding around the platform. And many of them wearing these white flowers which were meant to symbolize their commitment to white supremacy blacks were not invited to a tin was open to the public anyone in the public, but we were not the public. All of the major networks cover his inaugural address national television and that really catapulted him onto the national scene. So he proceeds to milk for everything that he can. Method back to Washington. Representatives who are here with us today that from this day we are standing up. And they he'll appear in does not fit the next on upright man. Putting on a show. He marched back and forth shook his fist. He was promised and he was going to stand alone for the southern calls the calls of the white people. Vehement it's mean-spirited is hateful. But how he said it was magnificent. Amalgamated into the one unit. As advocated by the Communist philosopher. Then the enrichment of our lives, the freedom of our development is found forever. Come down for a Mongol unit of one. Race. The white southerners who were standing out there in that freezing cold stomping their feet finally there was somebody who was saying what they felt, who is expressing their deepest fears about what's going to happen Hey. Somebody Express. It and Wallace was the one that did it. He said no matter what Supreme Court said and Brown versus the Board of Education. No matter what the federal government is saying we will continue to exercise states rights and we will continue to segregate. Let us after the car freedom-loving blood that is in. and. Answer to the caring and it. CAME FROM person. Might Governor? Elected official was saying in effect you. Would not welcome. You would not welcome in the name of the greatest people that have ever car. Bro The line in the dust. and. Before. The feet of tyranny and I say segregation now segregation tomorrow and Keurig Asian for her. Words can be very powerful. Words can be dangerous. Governor Wallace, never pull the trigger he never find the guy. But in his speech, he created environment for others to pull the trigger. In today's two weeks and months to come. We began to feel the sting of the speech. People, Night Ryan and burning. Crosses. The police beat down people and ran over them with horses. Put Tear gas on him. Later. During the same year, we witnessed the bombing of church. Will Fuller girls were killed on Sunday morning. This. was a very difficult and dog time in the American south..

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