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Hickory. Yeah be part of the community. The in crowd the be crowd thomas woods. He's a frigging celebrity and libertarian land. Already tom does anybody call me would would stone. He's a senior fellow of the institute. Yeah he's a historian. A libertarian commentator. And he's written twelve books and he's got all these like e books incomes goes count as books. I don't know if that counts are not their free. He's all these books that so he's suckered me in. I hooked me into the okay. Tom woods vortex free book. And you sign up and then he's got your email forever and then he'd just blasts you all the time i mean i'm saying this in a good way but he sends you good information all the time so my email every morning is like he's got these very provocative email titles like your facebook friends are idiots and then it tells you you know. I don't know that true. That's provocative accepted. So yeah. tommy does he needed in iraq introduction. Well if if you're not in libertarian. Lend maybe you don't know tom. He's like the john. The baptist of libertarianism. Make straight the way of ron paul. Walk us through the wilderness. He's a podcast or he's got the. Tom would show which you can check out all over tom. Woods dot com and on all the different podcast stuff. He's a roman catholic and does the latin mass thing which we didn't really dive into. I'm always interested in the latin. Mass thing libertarian almost anarchist very. He's like michael malice. But also not as willy wonka. Maybe okay let's really want. We let them in the thing we do in this episode so that they know they're in on the joke. Sure so our friend. Michael malice Gave us a list of questions to give the tom and so we presented these questions to tom as if they were just from fans writing and questions but there were all silly michael mouse questions which he told us at some point during ask them he would realize. This was all coming for michael mouse. I don't know if the actually figured that out you figure that out we'll find you guys. He said something like yeah. I think he started ilise realized that some of these were he said said. Michael mouse has hijacked another interview. Okay that's true so maybe michael does. This must do it a lot. I remember last time. He he gave me questions. For like dave rubin. We didn't do it though. Never again never again all right. Well that's enough of introduction right the jump in come on it. I mean abundance and everybody. Let's do appear to be mind blown and you will. Now be libertarian. After this let's go into the woods All right welcome tom. Thanks for coming on my pleasure how you doing. I'm great glad to be with you guys. Yeah cool cool. What's the state of libertarian. Land these days. You guys doing okay. I.

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