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Comment is that? What? Have saying on how this after Bobby Ford? Her her little rendition was saying that she had she was probably her truth. Well, there is a big difference between her truth, which is perception. I'm back. Yeah. They're just so, you know, there are women on the political left, and I suppose man as well. But on the political left who say you have to hear her truth and validate her truth. Otherwise, you're taking an untenable position. And you're politicizing a horrible event. It's quite a clever thing. And so somebody can look at you. And they can be completely deluded and say you always taking them to the mothership last night, and I had sexual experimentation done on me. And that is my truth. Well, you have to affirm that you have to say all kids. That's that's that's right. So but again, not only was there. No evidence of this. There is evidence. It did not happen because she says there were five people totally there beyond her and all five of them have been talked with and all of them said nuts never happened. You would have thought it would imprudent at that moment for her to back off. But she double Donaldson. True. No. That's exactly right. And Cindy, I'll tell you this nonsense is going to continue until they're actually are of municipalities and organizations willing to charge these people with making false statements and that there's a legal consequence for that. If Blasi Ford of Rodriguez, and of sweat, Nick simply walk away from this. I tried to do the Democrats dirty work. It didn't work. Oh, well, and they simply go back to their lives. There is absolutely no downside for the next time around. They want to do this. They did with Bork. They did it with Clarence Thomas. They did it with brick Cavanaugh, and whoever the next nominee is they'll do it again in some fashion because until. That's the last three were just looking for attention. I think teen minutes. We'll look when when sweating it gives a TV interview to Kate snow over at NBC and contradicts everything she had in her sworn statement. Then you gotta think well, she's not wired real tight, you know. Thanks for your call. Appreciate for one zero WCBS six AD Towfighi long distance. It's one eight hundred six hundred and by the way, Victoria, passes along this, and yeah, I remember the story that a woman up in New York this is two years ago. December twenty sixteen eighteen year old Muslim woman claimed the three men attacked her on a Manhattan subway tried to pull off your job. She was charged with filing a false report. It never happened. But we thought we had to believe her and every single circumstance for one zero WCBS eighty the the president by the way yesterday. Pointed at what the Democrats are promising should they take control of the house? Jerrold Nadler who is a congressperson from New York will be in charge of the House Judiciary committee, and he has already said they will pursue impeachment against breath. Kavanagh the minute he takes over. The American public.

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