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Share some tracks that we think are important to highlight from that album. That's in a minute on sound opinions from WBZ CHICAGO NPR. Alex welcome back sound opinions. I'm Jim dear got us. My partner is Gregg Kat. And this week we're doing a classic album dissection of Joni Mitchell's blue which came out in one thousand nine hundred seventy one and is arguably Mitchell's biggest success. We're going to share some of our favorite tracks now and why we think it is a classic Album Greg. You First Jim. I want to highlight the track California which some people think of as one of the more optimistic songs on the record. It is a song about home or at least her adopted home in California. Obviously she was born in Canada. This was written as part of her European hiatus she Basically dropped out of the music industry for a number of months after her first three came out and made her a star. She just wanted to get away from everything including California. She went to Europe and live like a Hippie for a while. But you got homesick. She decided even though I'm very disillusioned with California. I'm wearing out and on this European lifestyle. I WANNA get back home. The whole idea of coming home was was a hopeful sentiment. But there's also a key question at the heart of this song. It's a plaintiff question that I think is the key to the album that line. Will you take me as I am? She's speaking to California she. Speaking to America she speaking to her fan base. She speaking to the men in her life she is talking about. You know I'm I'm this woman who was independent is doing my thing on my terms. Will you accept that? Because if you can't I don't want any party. And that that really is kind of the impetus of the blue helmets and emancipatory album in many ways with that question at the heart of it and at the same time the feeling of longing expressed so beautifully a later in the song by a little subtle touch pedal steel guitar from Sneaky Pete Klina of the flying burrito brothers. The way that pedal steel sort of wafts through the atmosphere created by. Janis voice and her Appalachian Dulcimer. I think it's a beautiful song but with many many layers and is a great example of the multilayered songwriting. That is the key to this. Very simple arrangements. With many many textures and feelings coursing through them. California from Joni Mitchell's blue range renews shawl looks bad. They won't give peace a chance. Just a dream. Some of still. Does he WANNA stay here? Too Old and cold and sit in. I'M GONNA g-get leaving kisa sentences pig pound Dan Sperry well. He gave me my smile but he kept my cameras South Boulder because good omelettes stews and I might have stayed on with him. My full you fallen that is California. What I think is one of the key tracks from Joni Mitchell's blue..

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