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Casualty in terms of Kor FX ht to Denver Kay. How news time 11 03 to Aurora. Police officers are recovering after being shot in the Green Valley Ranch neighborhood last night. Denver Division Chief Ron Thomas is the officers were tracking robbery suspects turned one of the suspects ran through the parking lot, Uh, here, uh, and attempted to forcefully take a vehicle from two citizens that were inside of that vehicle. The four officers at that time engaged the suspects. That suspect is now in critical condition. While both officers are expected to be okay and kindergarten teacher could lose his job with Westminster public schools for an offensive Facebook post. The superintendent of the district's is Peter Mandel is being investigated and the results will be forwarded to the Colorado Department of Education in the post. Mandel used disparaging language to describe Children with learning disabilities and said parents just wanted to get their kids out of the House during the pandemic and sports Iraqis Aaron Oakland tonight to take on the A's first pitched 7 40 mountain time So far Rocky's, too and one on the year. That's the latest I'm shot off no impact traffic. This report is sponsored by Loew's Let's Go Out West, where the ramp from C 4 70 westbound to Morrison Road has re opened following an earlier incident. So that's good news. They're also watch out off Highway North found Parker Road approaching Mississippi. Some delays due to construction. There's a watch out for that. Good news. It looks like that off highway out of pedestrian accident at 20th and glamour has cleared. The crews were still on the scene of an auto pedestrian accident at second and federal best to avoid the area altogether. For now, the weather forecast well, it's going to be mostly sending a good chance of showers later on this afternoon, though, with a high of 85. Right now it's mostly cloudy in Denver and.

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