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The university of illinois students and professors will have extra v akg sometime next month classes will start almost a week later than usual the obvious 28th start will push final exams closer to christmas than the university's governing calendar requires that the semester last fourteen weeks in that enough start before august twenty second the coroner in columbus ohio as issued a preliminary cause of death for the 18yearold ohio high schooler who died after being thrown from a carnival ride at the ohio state fair wednesday dr anne he ortiz as the franklin county coroner oic errol uprate pole land or change aaa hit hall song or shamanee seven others were wounded in the accident police issue ford explorer suvs reportedly are making officers sick as abc's stephanie rommel's reports has prompted one police department in texas to ditch more than half of its fleet across the country in at least four states there had been reports of police issued ford explorer is showing signs of carbon monoxide leaks the austin police department will hold nearly four hundred forty explores from its fleet sixty nine he'll be suspected to be contaminated with the poisonous gas have already been yanked those dogs that were thrown off a parking garage they've got some one now more from wgr ends roger banished 23yearold at hanania of oaklawn pleaded guilty to tossing the two toy poodles from the roof of a fivestorey hospital parking garage and of violating his probation on on unrelated drug conviction he's received a fiveyear sentence for the animal cruelty plea on a sixyear sentence for the probation violation hanania will remain under mandatory supervision for two years after getting out of prison roger parrish wgn news chicago winds will be paying more for sugary drinks as of next week cook county judge dismissed a lawsuit challenging attacks on sweetened beverages jay patel cell soda at his store downtown and says the tax will slow down business there are so many businesses owned on chicago i am a small moment volvo britian to me this historic the penny per ounce tax goes into effect wednesday merchants groups who brought the lawsuit say they're exploring further challenges to the.

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