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The trip to las vegas today and in malania met with the first responders uh other political people share of the victims and victim's families any gave a talk afterwards with the first responders standing behind him and then he went back to washington and today the uh the biggest story concerned his his girlfriend the fbi has been trying to piece together steven paddocks actions in the days and weeks before he opened fire sought information from mary lou dan louis today who was in the philippines when the shooting occurred fbi agents met with dan late met dan lee at the la airport late tuesday and they let her get some shuteye because the long flight and everything and interviewed her today and the las vegas sheriff is said they would interviewer at the fbi field office in los angeles not wanting to to turn into a media circus if they brought her back to las vegas and they say the only reason they would bring her back to las vegas if she was going to be arrested which may they're not indicating they they think she had anything to do with it investigators have spent two days since sunday's attack struggling to explain why paddock holed up in the ah i rise hotel over looking las vegas strip in and opened fire on concert goers at a country music festival and they may have some theories but they found chilling evidence of extensive preparation as he turned his two rooms suites in the mandalay bay resort and casino into an armed fortress since arriving at a hotel third day he brought in 2003 guns along with the bump stocks would allow them to fire bullets more quick word and he also placed cameras so that he could monitor the arrival of police officers muana swat team breached is room sunday night they found him dead i handgun near his uh near his body and since the shooting a motive uh what they can't come up where they can't come up with a motive for this thing and i hope that she will help them uh shed some light on what was going on maybe inside the guy's head we got traffic and weather every 10 minutes on the tens powered by tempstar heating a truly product johnny while most of our freeways downtown of getting better we do have.

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