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And it's chicago for a while so But you know. Joe seta in and she'll she's she's passionate about it and i can't wait to see that You know. I'm excited that we have more clear access to share As media member that i think will are obviously better stories from all of us in terms of like you know actually writing about the team in the personalities and and all that but Yeah like look I'm just excited. That mike gorman is still there colonies games and I hope everybody You don't have to tune in for me. If i'm lucky enough. Pregame shows make there from my conceicao and abby go home. We will tune in for you. Chris as well as mike cowen heavy. Just letting you know right now so before. I have a very important question for you. And this is a question that i have wondered for long since long before i became the celtics podcast or when i was just watching you on tv during celtics broadcasts which you have to drop the secret king. How is the hair how. How does the haircut light on. What products are we using. Is there alkyl barbara that we need to know about accurately and it really has maintained a very notable kind of disposition fruit. Did you do tv today or is this just you because it's not adjusted i this is. I rolled out of bed. The kind of like Just winging it to that no. It's okay so i'm always very embarrassed by. This is so funny to me. Just like thank god. My my dad had a great head of hair because it just like it got terry something to go. Passed out i. I don't know. I was.

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