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Yeah get it where you can man right chicken marinade. They can limes. I've got a lime tree out back and thinking lines can start with limes so here. Why did we cover today. Cats are okay. Everybody's good old. Cats are a little lean gene. I'm well into nicotine fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen days. I'm doing okay leveling off. AMD are working pretty well. I do not know what to marinate my chicken. Thighs in world is ending Betty. Gilpin did not give me a fish playlist the ghosts at the Seattle more more theater are probably there but I think I summoned lightning. It wasn't just goes. I summoned lightning I'd like to I'll make it about me. I'd I'd like to think I have that much power some of this stuff doing we'll. We'll dicey little button pushing. I've gotten some emails about my final bit. Some concerned fan emails are sort of like we were laughing through it but it felt wrong. A you know what I mean. Come on digits words. Hey little a little less angry working on it working on stuff so Danny Huston is here. Danny estimate a nice movie. He's been in a lot of movies also on succession the season that show I love that show by the way Oh yeah N- started breaking bad again okay up to speed everyone's here this movie. The last photograph is touching dark move. It's not I don't know if it's dark. It's just heavy emotionally but it's poetic. It's one of those movies that grownups like me enjoy seeing it's exactly we the it is a beautiful deep moving sad independent film but that movie the last photograph if is is now in theaters and on demand and this is me talking to these star and director of that movie. Danny Houston UH Mayes Rickety old house in the Hollywood hills that certainly has a life of its own. She'd been there a long time. Yeah probably about fifteen years yeah. That's a whole different life up there. It seems I mean that's the life that people think of when they think of Hollywood I'm literally under the Hollywood sign. I can't see it but if you're looking at me I can extend my arms wide the opening hold him and hold the back of by chance it can so if somebody's looking at you in front of your house exact I get it well. That's nice so fifteen years. Where were you before that New York. No I was a near Laurel Canyon near Wonderland. Oh Yeah Wonderland Wonderland the street the horrible Yeah Slaughter Street hip. It's weird. That's the point of reference and sort of like I'm I'm up by the White House. You didn't mention the charming a school that's how he was known for. Did you watch yes you do see once upon a time in Hollywood. I loved it. He did right God. I loved him because you grew up in some of that right. I mean I in a way in a way I really I I grew up in Ireland and Lucky lucky pass cheers and and Italy and then I went to school in England so I I came to Hollywood late my father you know he lived in in Ireland and then later in Mexico but yeah but la was always sort of stopping point the Mexico period. It's so weird that the generation of of Your Dad's those guys they just went to Mexico. I don't you know Peckinpah. GonNa go do they. Had this romantic I am sorry that's what I always associate the family the Houston family with this kind of strange adventuring thing international well. I mean I gr- growing up. I wasn't well. I guess I was clear clear that he was that he was director but he'd come from far away countries bearing gifts and it was like a pirate coming to visit the house and with Tall Tales and yeah swatch buckling kind of Guy and Ireland he he left a sadly after about four or five marriages. I guess we'd where do you fall in house it like because I had your half sister. She's your half sister right Anjelica here. Yeah your mother was which wife my mother was sh. She wasn't a white how a up my mother was inbetween wife number four and five or either between five and six and and but you had a relationship with everybody. Oh yes I know my father and my mother were tremendous together and and ver- very close but yes there was there was a lot going on always but now white things have settled down but like when you started like where'd you grow like you were in. Italy like like right in Rome. I grew up in Rome because my father I was making a film based on a rather well known book called the Bible Though Yeah right and and it was it was a long pre production shen and post production the whole thing took about three or four years and so I I happen to be born there i. I like to say that I was conceived. If we're using his films as a measuring stick I was conceived during Freud born during the Bible and t- On night of the Iguana and so I I spent some time on on on the set of the Bible and I I remember watching the first cut and you know once fathers I is is God probably for forever his his son and daughter but in this particular case the film starts and here in the beginning my father during the voice over for God and then the next thing I knew he was noah animals following them into into into New York right and this this was just fantastic for me and then and then my mother was also in it plays Hagar and she's in in the desert he said Noah Abraham Abraham and and she's in the desert a dying dying of thirst and suddenly this kid appears who's our son and he's not me right at that point. I got very confused and I've had that problem really all my life trying to differentiate fiction mm from reality. It's hard right. It is like I interviewed. There's a guy who's the guy that wrote the big book on your family. Larry Global grow. I interviewed him a while back he he he's the big interview guy and I remember I set out to interview the interviewer and it went on a a long time and I'm not sure what I was looking for. I know that I had like he came back again. To what was your did you like that book yes. Yes I think we we we. We all liked it. At times. Dove the possibly a little too deeply into with interviews with others I felt but my favorite book biography was a book called an Open Book uh-huh that my father wrote and so wonderful collection of stories about the family or short stories. It's a collection of stories from his his life and they're just there's just marvelous and and we used to kid around saying it's anything but an open book. It doesn't reveal the sort of things that Larry rebel grow well yeah I I I didn't I didn't dent it. was you know it's a big book and I will eventually get it. You know it's it's great from from from you know you learn a lot about Walter. Huston grandfather's grandfather I remember him from the the devil and Daniel Webster Daniel Webster that's right and and you know he was born in Toronto and his struggles and it's it's. It's it's an interesting book from sort of from my point of view piece of family history sure well yeah. I'd say it sort of fills in the gaps I would imagine for you. If someone else's doing the research I did that. I did that show finding your roots. You know it's a genetic thing and then they do the research on it and and it was it was interesting but you had a guy thorough research and talk to everybody involved in incorporated into the history of show business. That's a nice thing to have yeah as a point reference. It is even if he did dig up some bad shoot. Sometimes you got bad shit there. Yeah it's better than than now it. CR- create creates a dramatic read so white. When did you realize it. Show business was the thing I I felt somewhat assumed you know we just mentioned Walter my Father Angelica. Yeah my cool cool sister and jellicoe yeah and how much older she about ten years okay so she was in. It and you're like whoa she was. I mean as a kid you know she was. She's still is incredibly cool. Oh but she she she was friends with like the rolling stone and Jack Nicholson and so this was incredibly the exciting here but yeah my nephew Jack Houston. It's kind of like the family business so I mean I resisted for a while. I I like to paint and and I sometimes saw my father struggle with the whole circus act the ass surround filmmaking right and and and the money involved and it I could see that it it caused them trouble from time to time even though he knew how to play the game yes so beautifully I mean he was just a poker player really yeah yeah he bluffing just just like in what situations where was the what was the education was. I'll I'll give you an example. I remember when he was making his honor with with Angelica and Jack. Actually he a guy from ABC ABC came up and said Mr Houston's and crab why you're using such a low amount of of of footage a film you're saving so so much in in in the budget by doing so and he said thank you very much. It's very kind of you and then and then when the gentlemen left left after the room follows idiot you know he doesn't understand that the can't cut it any other way. Aso's control he he'd be cutting in the cameras so that so that so they didn't have any where to go any option yeah. That's that's. That's the kind of thing you know that sort of trickery and when you were coming up like so you started as a painter college I went to art school. I went to film school and and you're in in London Yum and then and then I had this moment when he was making a film called under the volcano. Oh Yeah Albert Albert Albert Finney based on Malcolm Lowry and he he was struggling with the title sequence. I I used to make him a a cocktail drinks depending what country he was in it would be a different rank. in Mexico it was cool libra a Roman coke and and I brought him a coke and he it upset him he said No. No no no the coke should only color the run the back of Puerto and we watched we watched Russia's around the volcano for under the volcano and and he was struggling with this with this title title sequence opposed to it was paper Mash as dolls but they didn't move so as long shots were very static right for the so he turned turnaround to me and said Danny any you've been to film school and stuff right directly to title sequence and and.

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