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You're listening to the news white matters on demand. This is the news. And why why why why it matters? Hey, I'm Sarah Gonzales, welcome to the news. And why it matters Glenn? What was the top story for you? I'm gonna go with the I'm gonna go with the day number two of the Jim Acosta. All right. So, wow, she Mukasa. He's getting all the headlines. He won't say. Yes. Amazing. But I want to take place. It's not this. It's gonna take a different place. Now, you have a good take on. So I'm glad to hear it. I will say the shooting this morning and trying to put it in perspective, Jason even more turmoil in the supreme court possibly, all right? That's this is going to drive them. Now, I know before we get into that one. Thank our sponsor reduce on. So America has a problem with overeating and weight. Really? Yes. Had noticed that. Belt. Yes. And so I know this for personal experience having lost a large amount of weight myself. And so I know, you know, you got you got the crash diets, and then you yoyo back and forth, and you gain the weight back. It's really hard rezone helps with that. Because they basically have extracted the good molecule and all of all that helps boost metabolism and help you feel full. So you're craving less all the time. It helped me with that. I haven't gained the weight back that I lost which is huge literally. It was very huge. But it it really.

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