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KTAR in-depth Senate this time, I am answering the arrest of the suspect we believe who is responsible. He is thirty six year old Nathan Sutherland that was Phoenix police chief Jerry Williams about twenty four hours ago announcing the arrest of Nathan Sutherland the man suspected of sexually assaulting and impregnating. An incapacitated patient at hacienda healthcare chief Williams joining us on the newsmaker line this morning live to talk more about the arrest and the investigation. Thanks, thanks for being with us. You bet could there be more arrests based on the vulnerable adults and failure to protect laws. In other words, people who didn't report this guy or fail to rein him in. So so what I said yesterday is at work continuing our investigation we were fortunate to be able to identify the suspect and arrest him, but our investigation continues. So that's not outside of their. I'm a possibility, but we're going to go where the investigation leads us. And I know the possibility that there could be more victims is always being considered by your department as well, exactly. So so again, we're going to go where the investigation leads us. I have full faith and confidence in our investigators. They got us to this point so far, and we want to continue on to make sure that what that we just continue our investigation. Are there any indications at this point that there are more victims not that I'm aware of? But again, we will let the evidence and the facts take us where it leads us our commitment to all of our victims in our community is still very sounding very strong. And I know that the crime lab excuse me, turn to crime lab. Investigators are really still working on this. We talked to a forensic scientist who's a professor nowadays you who actually worked in the Phoenix police lab for for many years. She basically says that. Yeah. You know, in the way, you interpret DNA evidence there could be some, you know, differences. But for the most part DNA evidence is is pretty solid stuff. I'm sure that's that's what you all were thinking when you decided to make the decision to arrest this, man. Right. Absolutely. So we operate on probable cause. So we can't make the recipe can't put someone in custody without probable cause. And we did so with a combination of good old-fashioned police work. And when I say that I mean talking to people listening to leads coming through evidence as well as the modern age of DNA technology. So our lab and our friends at folks are some of the amazing people who helped us an assistant us in this investigation. We're talking with Phoenix police chief Jerry Williams about Nathan Sutherland, the arrest of him a man suspected of sexually assaulting and impre. Impregnating incapacitated patient that he has nurse. He was actually caring for it. Hacienda healthcare. Tell me about your first reaction when you heard about this this crime. That's a great question. I I was horrified. Just the mere fact that are victim can't speak for herself. And then when you when you further stretch that out to the fact that an innocent baby who didn't have a say into how he came into this world it was horrifying. Yeah. At the end of the day, though. There is a precious baby that came out all of this, I suppose that some some comfort for the family at least. But wow, I can't imagine what that family has been through. And I know part of what you do with the police department. There is you make sure that the victims and the victims families are cared for. Absolutely. So so I I'm certain most of the listeners out there and yourself of listen to the nine one one call that came from the facility that began this investigation. The crime itself is is horrific. And then you're right. There's an innocent baby. That's out there. That's a member of our community. Also. Yeah, it's pretty common knowledge chief Williams that your resources are stretched thin their this. I know you said this was the highest priority and many of your officers and investigators said this is highest priority of the Phoenix police department, this effect any other cases in the fact that so many resources were focused on this gymnast. That's that. That's an amazing question. What I love about my age. Nsee is a fact that our folks figure out how to make it all work. So we understand and realize the importance of this investigation. We did set up a mini task force where he moved to Texas from one place to focus specifically on this crime. But at the end of the day, our folks still come to work, they still get the job done, and they still take care of business. So I'm really proud of my agency. All right. I'm not trying to stir up controversy here. Because really congratulations are in order forgetting, the sky, and we'll see if there's more arrests in the future. That's chief Williams Jerry Williams of the Phoenix police department. 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