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News nation this hour. I'm Vic Vaughn U. S. Capitol Police have suspended at least two officers for their actions during deadly riots at the Capitol building last week. Congressman Tim Ryan, Democrat for Ohio, told C SPAN today that roughly a dozen other Capitol police officers remain under investigation. Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chant Wolf is stepping down from his post comes just days after criticizing President Trump over the Capitol riots. Wolf's message two steps that his resignation takes effect at midnight. Pete Gaynor, who ran the Federal Emergency Management Agency will become the acting homeland Security secretary. Wolf becomes the third Cabinet secretary to step down since the riots. House Democrats earlier today introduced an incitement of insurrection charge of impeachment against the president. The House is expected to take up the matter Wednesday. Passage of the resolution would make Trump the only president in U. S history to be impeached twice. The House majority leader told members today to plan to return to Washington on Tuesday evening to consider a House resolution calling on Vice President Mike Pence to start. The U. S Constitution's 25th amendment process of removing Trump from office that's expected to pass Pence is not expected to act. To Seattle police officers remain on administrative leave accused of involvement during the insurrection at the U. S. Capitol in Washington, D. C. Today. Interim Seattle police chief A tree India's said we cannot violate the same laws were sworn to protect We cannot allow violent or intimidating direct action to become acceptable in our society. If any SPD employees participated directly and assaulting the U. S Capitol, I will terminate them and seeing a ramping up of the biggest vaccination drive in U. S history, now entering its second month. The efforts. Expansion includes opening up football stadiums, Major league ballparks, fairgrounds and convention centers to inoculate a larger and more diverse pool of Americans. Watch news nation Every night on WGN America or go on the news nation Now produce around the clock. I'm Dick Fawn..

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