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Shrimp is an awesome goal. I said you said ra that you could almost say maybe hope. He's an upgrade. I i really disagree with that. I think marks from the different level goalie right now than hope he is will remain to be seen this season after that. So if i'm picking toronto. Edmonton and calgary to both get in. It's gonna be tough 'cause edmonton gonna kick the shit out of each other that fourth spot battle between van and winnipeg. I don't think montreal. Has everyone's talked about montreal. And what they're gonna do this year and how it's a totally different. Look i know betting against carey price is tough. But i don't see them making the playoffs. I could be way that could be the most fucked up. Pick this whole this whole preview. Show but i'm looking at toronto edmonton calgary and then van and winnipeg battling it out for that last spot and ottawa's gonna kick the shit out of some teams. I don't know if they're deep enough to make it into the top four but they're certainly not going to be easy game against them. There's my canadian division preview. Thanks for coming. I i hate to do this. And and i'm sure that a lot of people from alberta are gonna be upset with me and the fact that i'm going to leave one of the two best players. Snow just got two best players in the world will two of the best in mcdavid and dry sidled not leading edmonton oilers the playoffs. I think that they are going to miss playoffs. And who i do have sliding into playoffs montreal. Just bit a bit of a culture shift. They brought in some some new guys in the in in berge has been very vocal about the fact that he thinks that they've made enough moves to now put team into that realm of of conversation and it's playoffs or bust. I like montreal. Slide in there probably in that four seed. I told her needs to be good there. I definitely think calgary. I like the way they're built. I think john jay goudreau has lost. This and i think he's ready to go. I heard i heard that his gun is no long and she is ready ready. He went to diet that things spanks on and he is not to go. And i got one more coming at you here. I can't leave vancouver out of the mix. I think i think vancouver's definitely going to be able to squeeze into playoffs so those are my four. I'm sorry all you edmonton fans. I love watching mcdavid and dry settled. Go at it. I just. I don't know. I just. I think too much tougher competition this year. The one division. I scratched out how to rewrite team. Five six times over. Like i said i think vancouver's takes the division toronto all get in and then the two albertine scoured edmonton. I know this kind of goes at odds me throwing a wager on the ottawa senators to win the stanley cup. Which got a little buzz on. Twitter sunday night biz. But yeah calgary edmonton toronto vancouver. Winning the division and i did just mentioned ottawa. So that's probably a good segue to the old gambling corner. Think boys a while my friends and it has no quit. Quit onenote lousy. Was the one who i thought that video. Because you're asking about the god that might fight. We like to. We have to give credit. Do when appropriate here with other meteorologist. Show the gambling corner man like everyone had our sunday night. 'cause you guys tweet helped my saying i was going to bet the senate is to win the cop now again. I did also say if map my returns to form which didn't make the quote but this isn't me saying auto is going gonna win. The stanley cup predicted thinking. It's going to happen. it's no it's it's thrown shits and giggles. Play out there. I mean there are two hundred one in some spots throw twenty bucks one hundred bucks whatever you feel like you want to throw and if it ever came through i mean we started well. What lisa in odd the. Epl a couple of years ago it. At least i don't. I don't fall you know the i mentioned last week. The la rams when they won the super bowl the year before. The pats beat him. They would two hundred a one to one that yet. So it's more just trying to take advantage of odds than anything else. I'm not lewis talking about the podcast. The was he loved that we chirped his tape job. I think that. I think that when he comes on he's going to be a joy to talk to. You seems like he's full life back guy. Love the game very authentic. I'll say his personality is english is probably pretty good. They can all speak english. Those germans compound beers. Can't they dummy to so god. Yeah it's like oh hey Saturday game three days off. Facetime stood tom. Brady lives put them on instagram. They're doing the beer ball on instagram. Live and shit still pink. Whitney'll we'll sponsor their house. We'll call it the pink. Rittenhouse do that. New hampshire are also. We're gonna have. We're going to have our boy matt murli hop in and helping you with the gambling this year. These two are going to be making lines are a murli some special different pets pets. Is that true. Mikey that is true. Aspin spin on sending over some some right up. He's getting into it. He's got so many pets for the upcoming season. It's so true degenerate that will fit right in and the chick lit screw. Yeah just to know we are coming up with the props but not the actual odds we leave that so the professional oddsmakers but it is fun. I mean this is obviously the stuff for a long time. So it's fun to be able to come up with your own ideas and then actually see them in a real casino. My has never been more proud of me in his life. I don't think and chocolates like you said. We'll be working with the boston sports all season long. We're going to have props post and all the time. I'll be posted on instagram. Write blogs about it. We're gonna have the murli special pot possibly in pali form but basically you could bet whether a game's going to ot the biz nasty special which team you think is going to have more penalty minutes that night park nine. Jesus which is just the pipeline. But buckeye jesus away cool name The whitney special is still a hammered out..

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