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Dean. Mm. Hello. Hey, let's do that work. Yeah. I mean, this is professional radio. Dean Richards. Chicago's WGN Radio. 7 20. You were talking and distracting me. Yeah. Okay. Once again, my pay attention. You're a pro. You should be able to do this after 40 people. Elton Jim Toronto. And see if I invite you to my street naming ceremony where you build their Oh, lovely. Some earth, Wind and fire Make it one of my favorite shows Effort at Ravinia. Number one is Tony Bennett. Every vigna number two Tony Bennett with Lady Gaga I love going together. She's a great performer. Alright, I don't know what time it is. But who cares? Seen Earth? Wind and fire there A couple of time they below the roof, Weren't they with Chicago? Didn't they've done it that way that they've done dual shows like that when I've seen them like that, but solo at Ravinia, Fantastic. I can't wait together. Try to get out to revenge. Ejim Peter X doing the show. They're on the fourth of July and you'll be off. Right. I'll be nice to relax. I'll be able to stay awake past seven PM, uh so they're going to be kicking off their season two starting next week, So I'm going to be looking forward to that. The what's going to the movies. Anyone going to the movies? I have not been in a theater in since the last movie I saw the theater was Once upon a time in Hollywood. Wow. Yeah, that was a long time ago. Yeah, um, this weekend. I think A lot of people went.

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