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To another episode of Hot Boxing. I'm Evan Britain and Mike Tyson often guests today awesome guests. We've got Chris Cyborg in the house. Welcome thank you. It's great to have certainly from Brazil. I born in Brazil leave American. I will years. Yes you like it here. Yes is it place then. Give opportunity for me show my job. It's Nice really nice excellent. Where do you live what each suite for big Nice? That's awesome well aside from being a U._F._C. Champion. You're also you've done a ton of incredible work <hes> with fight for the forgotten and Justin Rennes Organization and other U._F._c. guy and tell us a little bit about that. I know you do a lot of great work over in Africa with children and helping people bring reese bringing resources to those areas so tell us a little bit about that in and I think Ya'll is light to tell my down my fans. I'm out of the Champ online but the most important to champion the people champion you know like make the difference is not just the chance to hold the belt but make a difference and our do missionary working Brazil and this time I went to Gunnedah and very special we think will help people to help us a lot of things there and have made experience I work with five forgotten. We put in Chew Village Water will and we went to that facilitate the water but it's very nice because you see like you cannot complain about anything. The worst Casey near life you here is not the same there you know and they just okay I don't I don't like to do videos anything. I do like this. Because of the show off no no I want to maybe open to people to ten and now and then I think worked for just as Nice because fight for God because I put the water in that went there see works because essentially a lot of people complain okay okay but to help but we don't see did not know and and I'm going to be forever chamber for them for short you know they're going to have clean water at the time when the cup is more special so important bring clean water the two people who don't have because we really don't think have people in the world have this problem because wake up every day didn't know just turn on a faucet. Yes Yes for granted. I mean Yeah <hes> I've been to South Africa before. Wait Wait Oh and I've seen little baby kid like Michael by six seven years old and he's playing with a giant pig on five hundred pound pig capable of eating that kid the vicious but he's playing with Makanin around Jeff Beck wrestling and I'm saying what a life and he lives in shambles. He lives in shambles..

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