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To google that is. Jk ruins daughter. Who is a brazilian swimsuit. The key influence there and there is some like reddit speculation that actually how this woman is not her. She just looked fled shaking on daughter. Who was about the same age as twenty six twenty seven. I really wanna know. Is this woman her and get her name right in the first place and who is taking his daughter nowadays anyway so yeah probably something mystery. Thanks crunch french. This is such a like. I couldn't give one shit about. Jk rolling but like this mystery was like two compelling for me not to like go the same route so a lot of people are going on google to try and figure this out Because jk rowling has been married twice. She has kids with her second husband and she says with her first husband. Her first husband was this portuguese guy who was not great to her. And there's like a whole story about that because it's part of like her origin story but how she wrote harry potter. Whatever she had a daughter named. Jessica isabel julian po drawn days and she. She lived in portugal. But now they're this woman on instagram. Who is instagram. Dot com slash. Jessica orontes is a brazilian kind of bikini model slash influence. Her and i think it's the same woman i think she looks like her. I mean really looks like her. This isn't just a reddit. Thread like other publications are connecting. These people like this is some caller exclusive like the people who are saying. It's not hit. Her daughter are confused. Because they're like well. How could this brazilian woman be her daughter. And it's like very easily she she. Her father is portuguese. Right right it was easy for her to move to brazil. Like figure it out right It's just weird because she really kind of does look like. Jk rally like inheritor. There is there is a resemblance. And there's no photos of them together. They must not be close. Like that's like would you be close to your turf moma. I wouldn't if my mom were a turf. I'd lulu brazil. And be like. But i i'm separating myself from this narrative is funny because only a few months ago. The daily mail had like a talk of the town. That was like i hear. Congratulations to jk rowling order. Her eldest daughter is at the time. Not jessica twenty. Nine is the author's child by her first husband former tv journalist whore hey orontes and rolling has previous described how as a baby jessica would sit in her pram for hours on end while she wrote the first harry potter books in edinburgh coffee shops and says in typical secret style. Jk is keeping the secrets of the wedding details of the wedding low key. I don't even think she's involved in this. Like i don't even think she is involved in this wedding. I don't think so either. I don't think so either. There's no evidence that they even are in communication. No i have seen photos. i've seen. Oh actually written written communication like she probably a credit card. You like great. She's gotta trust fund or whatever right that's true that's true but she has a youtube account. She doesn't update at that often doesn't instagram is constant. This looks like her daughter. This looks like her daughter. I mean i wouldn't be surprised. I i think people are just like whoa. But it's like no it makes sense if you actually just like read that she has this daughter who whose father is portuguese and who probably makes sense move to brazil right like again like if your mom is shaky railing and your dad is like simply not. Wouldn't you choose the debt. Look what a great mystery. What a fun. Who i mean just so funny that this this history her her instagram really doesn't reveal anything. Really the only thing that i could see after scrolling all the way down because again most of these images are in brazil or at least specifically not england. There's a lot of like tropical locales are palm trees but one photo. There's one photo that she took of like like a souvenir from london and it says london love tower bridge london and she captioned it with the blue heart. Where my interpretation of it again. It's a little. It's a little Confirmation bias but i'm thinking oh she's like well. This is where. I'm from heart london. It'll always be it'll always be by you know birthplace. Maybe maybe we are running long. So i think we're going to skip who them today so Thank you for listening to the episode of who weekly keep calling in at six one nine who them to leap questions. Comments and concerns sports on puttering dot com for bonus episodes. Thank you to katie and eric. The who's providing a a theme song Rate reviews on apple podcasts. Please we love it and have a great weekend. We'll see you on tuesday by grateful for sharma's darna rachel for shauna grateful for sharona low This message is largely for lindsey. Because i know she loves a vanity license plate. This one's not exactly clever though. But since you brought up. Chad michael murray. I thought i'd tell us I used to live in wilmington north carolina where chad michael murray live because assuming one tree hill or whatever it was at the time and it was a small town very easy to notice. distinctive vehicles and things like that and he drove One of the big ugly yellow hummer h. Twos and his license plate was c. M m just says initial He really enjoyed being a big fish and smoke on french. Lindsey bobby massive. Gts fan here loves it. Y'all talk about them. And how like twisted. That guy is trying to work really really not that many ways. I'm just calling to clarify things All the bt has members they do have solo work You know on the regular albums a lot of them have they all have solo songs. They do it. You know blah blah blah but the rappers they all had they all have solo albums on. Susan has multiple albums though jail. Show in our end the rappers. They all have the albums all hit number one. They've broken records but not reported. So then. that's why over here in the west. We don't think that they have any solo work. But it's not your fault if you don't know that it's just poorly reported also something that was poorly reported as they beat label big hit. They became h. Y. e. heights. You wanna say. I don't know but They bought the catalog of justin bieber. Arianna guerande and didn't of auto And because major stock in that company. So they're actually like superwealthy and in charge of their careers. People think that they're just like doing whatever the record label tells them to but they're not because they write and produce all their songs. Okay anyways crunch crunch that ran. You don't have to hear this. I just wanted you to know. They all have solo work in her broken record not reported. I wouldn't be bobby So i know you said don't call in with your stories about panic rooms But i just had a cute little fun one. So i had a coworker who spent a lot of time in switzerland years at a time on and all working and i was telling her own going on.

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