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I think a good bertha beers exit big is a good it is a good bruce beer for sure but i i don't think you can distinguish the two main i i think a a good group of beer is a good beer i mean you know and you're at the brew pub though you've had a few now you're ready for cherry koshman bring that thing out with that same raza taproom though mean you'll you go to whenever taproom mulako well been drinking my favorite beer for three rounds pale ale nah okay wassi you've got the you know you got to come quiet and quite stout care you know vis the care bill so let me try that one or the you know generally have an episode were yeah we made a big yes you you're afraid of come quad said zubaydah now we're all very aware of your of your term fear come guadagno like hey i've had five round them going to try the trout beer in it's not like that i mean it it could be that an adverse hub or snow no i thought he meant but you know this pierre could have actually been created kinda by happenstance the ipa was sort of that way is you as you know is overstepped the cast with hobbs ship into indian while i you got an at the i hope for this could have been they they were bruin a call sh yeah it was it was winner the brewer had a cold and he just accidentally dropped some luton's jerry cough drops you you just don't know like just don't know like how air like how they very rhesus peanut butter cups you know my because guys bumped into use as you guys both one guy had a bunch of chocolate guy are much peanut butter chocolate among the as yet peanut butter on my chocolate zero like oh my god i love and then they got married those two guys got mary of this and that's how they invented racist pena guoco i had just never heard of beer review devolve so so quick and if you never listening to this show leire's you know well is pretty much every episode is the racist peanut butter cup of the beer days i'm gonna wrap this.

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Zubaydah, Pierre, Luton discussed on Sips, Suds, & Smokes

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