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South west of grant's pass to jump. Fire lines. Casey Cain with the incident management. Team says the fire dangerous extreme on the west side of the conduct fire. The weather conditions are as if it were summertime. No rain Super Dry fuels and the firefighters back on around forty five buildings homes threaten the governor issued an order sending local firefighters protect those structures. Cain says it's disappointing that the work. They did improve fire lines was not able to stop the fifty mile an hour. Winds that caused the fire to spread toward the community of Agnes today. Groups representing Oregon police officers firefighters and correction officers announced a Bill to be introduced next year's legislative session, Lebanon. Zana Erickson says the bail is to make it easier for these public servants to get treatment for post traumatic stress disorder or injuries. More awareness is raised with what is becoming an epidemic and first responder professions. Jeff sheppard. Retired police officer firefighter travels to raise awareness says PTSD or PT sl needs to be recognized as an occupational illness in Oregon promote officer, wellness and resiliency and then tell the author, hey, if you feel something going on coming in talk to us shepherd was diagnosed himself with PTSD after an ambush shooting in his patrol car. But I think it would have turned into a darker thing. If I hadn't got my help shepherd says every year there are many police officers and firefighters who take their own lives and believes a lot of those suicides come from struggling with PTSD, President Trump and the first lady are in Florida today touring the devastation from hurricane. Michael ABC's? Emily row reports. Eighteen people have died the number of dead continues to rise and sounds more now homeless after hurricane Michael FEMA? Director Brock long touring the damage Sunday with Florida governor, Rick Scott, we're starting to see more.

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