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Of the company so opportunistic acquisition strategy that means a very diversified conglomerate rather than the the fashion of focus that is the appetite of the institutional investor these days a willingness to skip dividend berkshire is not paid a dividend since nineteen sixty seven the cheryl overwhelmingly voted against one in two thousand fourteen that's pretty unusual in corporate america but it's based on the these shareholders have the long term view the they appreciate the tax efficiency of berks year they appreciate the value of compounding and so as as long as that that that culture on their side is continued i think the company has a very long runway in front of it the two go hand in hand so as eat greg the others need to sustain the economic returns shareholders need to appreciate that and support them and then that will in turn help them generate those economic turns and so the virtuous circle will be sustained do you see that they will highlight or they'll let these successors get a little stage presence the allocators if you will todd weschler and ted koontz or the greg able and as jane on the business side that they'll get some exposure over time that maybe the charlie and ward will step down even before they pass away might be you know they they have them every four or five years somebo somebody joins but so those are that's a very significant elevation and then to name them vice chairman running and overseeing insurance greg over shrink the though.

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