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You you just you just breaking heights and for me i never. I never say a low told him though. Always set the goals high. Because you know if you say something real high you gotta expectation the reach touristy and always be busier. I wanna be the number one best inside linebacker and whatever that takes Afars wiseass tax wise. And stuff. Like that i had to get the job done but like One one one goal out put for myself after at every. If i make every thirty tablets i should have at least one. Forced fumble and estimated lead getting hundred from last year. I had one hundred twenty or something like that. I don't know how many cycles advocate. i should be able to call at least five. Five to eight forced fumbles. So that's one of my goes like turnovers in. That's a big bankers taboos calm. But when i get the ball to back that offense in caused turnovers that would be a great thing for our whole unit for the team and build us put us in the next level to be able to be able to get better as a whole unit but might four farseeing wise. I wanna i wanna go to la. We want to be planning for the Allen la so you know we got got the pieces to do it from offense and defense standpoint with the goes r half me. I want to be the best inside. Linebacker lead. And i just gotta make the half goes but what do you a workout warrior. Always post videos and you know you do yours. Do different type of workouts. What did you feel like. You need to improve on this year. What did you put emphasis on this off season on trying to get better. I feel that one of the biggest thing is for the minicam wannabes. Things i put emphasis all was staying square keeping my feet shopping. It's fan lateral. And if i do that. Pretty much covers if i do that. Stance wherein keep my feet lateral..

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